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Day 11....confused

:confused: Morning everyone..... Day 11 for me, must say the last few days have been relatively ok, still stuffing but hey ho! So yesterday I thought I know Ill take my patch off at 3pm and see what happens... to all you hardcore no nicotine replacement heroes ..bloody hell.. well done :D! I was fine and normal until 4.30am then after having really wierd dreams that was it.. I was up and felt like I had drunk 20 cans of red bull needless to say Ive seen every corner of my thoroughly neglected (and to be honest health hazzard of a fridge) after cleaning it and have a stew in the slow cooker and cleaned the kitchen.. put patch on again at 7 like normal and am only just starting to calm down a bit now.. still feeling shakey though and very irritable, so I thought Id rattle on a bit and say hats off to us all and theres me thinking it was becoming easy!!!

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Hey there Julie,

Well done for getting so far, and don't worry about being on the patches still, I'm on week 8 and still using NRT! As long as you're not smoking, it's fine :)




Thanks for your post Jen was feeling a bit of a fraud for using the patches when everyone else seems so strong with the CT. I dont feel like Im just pretending to give up now because it really doesnt feel like pretending and then I think omg day 12 thats fab.. 8weeks for you is fab I will follow your lead:) they said they will drop the dose after 6 weeks but we will wait and see!!



You're not cheating using the patches...I've tried them but they didn't work for me so I'm trying CT....This doesn't mean that patches won't work for you, listen to yourself, you know what's best for you. As long as you're not smoking that's all that matters. Wish I could get to the stage where I don't feel like I'm pretending not to smoke........I get it in my head but then like a slippery eel it wriggles away from me again.


These bad days come out of nowhere, don't they?

Do whatever you can to get through 'em. Maybe I should go and do some cleaning??


Hi julie well done day 11 :)

you Should be really proud:D and it doesnt matter how you get there just that you do.!!!

you should stop belittling your effort day 11 is fantastic no matter what aids you use just stay possitive and you will get there

Well done you!!!;)



well done you ! :D 11 days is a brilliant achievement. You know you can do it .


was feeling a bit of a fraud for using the patches when everyone else seems so strong with the CT.

Julie - let's be clear about this - No quit, by whatever means, is a fraudulent quit!!! If some people have been able to stop CT, that's fine - good for them. But not smoking is not smoking, however you got there.

And not smoking is the ultimate goal for all of us.

I took the easiest possible route for me by spending three months drugged out of my little mind on Champix. Now, I am off the Champix, and off the ciggies. I don't feel like a fraud. I feel like a success.

You just do whatever you need to do to keep your quit going. There is no point making it harder for yourself that you need to. You are doing just fine.:)


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