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Everythings gone up in "Stale" Smoke

Day 31:

Ok, everywhere I go I can smell stale smoke. Or can I?

Is this just a symptom of my quit?

Is this nicotines little pesky trick to try and get me puffing again?

Sometimes I even think I can taste stale smoke in my mouth.

On the plus side I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. They wanted me to update my health records and one of the questions was:

"How many cigarettes to you smoke daily?

I took great pleasure in filling in a big fat zero.

When my dentist checked my teeth and gums, he said he could tell by how healthy my gums were that I was no longer smoking and he was really pleased for me.

Made me feel a million dollars :)

Good luck to all you quitters out there and thank you to this forum for educating and helping me with my quit.

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Hey jimmer,

I have exactly the same problem:( I can smell smoke everywhere even when I can't see anybody smoking, and then I think it's me even though I know it isn't LOL:eek: I find myself looking around all the time to see where it is coming from. And I can taste fag ash in my mouth too. I think it is a common symptom, but very annoying.

Let's hope it clears up soon.




I had a couple of Dark Rums last night and I woke up this morning and could have sworn I had been smoking, the taste was horrible, like an ashtray, I have now decided to change my drink of choice.

At work as I walked through reception I could have sworn someone had been smoking there.

Maybe the Dark Rums are one of my "triggers" and little old Nico Teen is trying to dupe me into chumming up to him again. But thats not gonna happen! :cool:

When I have a cold refreshing pint of lager I don't get that taste.

31 days into my quit and I am amazed that old Nico Teen is still trying to be my "Besty"


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