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No Smoking Day
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Tried everything, thinking about hypnotherapy

Hi All

First of all, great forum and some good advice!

I am pulling my hair out here, I have smoked for about 20 years, and have been trying to give up for the last 2 years. I have tried everything, patches, gum, acupuncture....if you name it I have tried it...

I am now thinking about hypnosis, I have already read all the info on how it works...any extra advice?

(Please don't contact me if you are a company)

Cheers guys


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I have been using Paul Mckenna hypnosis on a night when I go to bed. It has to be used for 3 weeks non stop and I am only a few days into it. I haven't yet stopped - my quit date is Monday - but i will let you know how it goes !!

I decided to try as I had read some great reviews on amazon about the hypnosis cd that comes with the book. I haven't bothered with the book, just the cd. Hypnosis doesn't work for everyone, but you wont know unless you try :o

I'm sure its not a miracle worker, but it can't hurt trying and I'm sure anything that could possibly help is worth trying :)


Cheers, yep was actually thinking about going in to see a therapist, might give the CD a go first, probably a bit more cost effective if it works!!

Will buy it tonight and see how it goes, after reading on the net, CD's have about a 50% success rate....let me know how you get on...will do the same :)


Hi there

I got a free download from free-hypnosisdownloads.com/ and for the first week or so i listened to it when in bed and its helped me. I did however put 2 on one cd so that when i had fallen asleep one would still be playing as its better when your more relaxed.

Like i say its free just stay as standard when you register for your account.

Good luck all


Cheers for that, will give it a go tonight!


hahaha....might not cut my head off there.....getting close though :)

Definetly going to give up, not going to rely on believing I will be that one person that makes it to 100 smoking 20 a day....


Thanks Michael for the advice, 3 people have died that were close to me far too early on in life all of whom smoked, so thats enough evidence for me :)


Well everything hasn't worked, I know that should be enough!!

Will give hypnosis a go and report back! Holding thumbs!


Well, going to give it a go......if it works it works, and the downloads are free, if they don't work then I will have to pay...I've spent enough on cigarettes in my life already :) Will let you all know how it goes...

Thanks for the advice guys!


Hiya Joe - how is this going? I tried hypnotherapy with bioresonance combined back in August. I was very sceptical (I had never been hypnotised before and was worried I'd be dancing round like a chicken or something) :) and it cost me quite a loft of money but came out of there and didn't smoke for 3 months. I'm not sure if it was the treatment or a placebo type effect :confused:

My thoughts that nicotine is a drug and highly addictive but at the same time quitting smoking is also about re-educating the 'mind'. I say that tentatively as I don't agree with what some people say about smoking being 'all in the mind'

What I'm trying to say is that different methods do work for different people at different times during their quitting journey. I do feel that hypnotherapy can be beneficial in helping to re-educating the mind. But no matter what method is chosen the quitter as to work at their quit, care for it and nuture it. Unfortunately there is no magic cure - we wouldn't be here if there was.

Whatever method you have chosen, good luck with your quit and let us know how the hynosis is going.

Take care

Tinks xx


Hypnotherapists are expensive. It might work for you, but it might be worth trying a tape first just to see if it helps you relax at all. It's much more effective for some people than for others. My husband had a terrible fear of flying and spent a bloody fortune on a hypnotherapist. It didn't work. Eventually he did one of those one day, go-up-in-a-plane things with a load of other sufferers, and it seemed to cure him! He still doesn't like it, but he can do it...

Which brings me to... There's always cold turkey. Maybe you could do it through educating yourself and then just biting the bullet and fighting through, rather than weaning yourself off? Maybe you just need to cut all ties to nicotene in one fell swoop and face it down - lots of stuff about cold turkey quitting on whyquit.com.

I'm not saying don't use NRT or hypnotherapy or whatever - you have to do whatever works for you, and two fingers up to everyone. But there are a lot of experts who argue that the NRT route is less effective. Might as well read up on it at least.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck.



Free Trial

Hi, i found this website that does a full self hypnosis course on google but they are doing the first month free at the minute. Gonna give it a go myself to see how it goes as i'm usually sceptical about this sort of thing but seeing as it's free i'll give it a shot! The website is lifetimechange.org. Does anyone know if this is effective while using patches? I'm on them at the minute but don't want to mess one or the other up by doing both.


Hi stonecold - when I quit for 3 months by visiting hypnotherapist, the whole point of the hynotherapy was that I did not replace or substitute the fags for anything else, it was about talking to the sub conscious mind. I went in a smoker and came out not smoking. However I did substitue with food and 3 months later I smoked again, I don't think that's because the hypnotherapy failed, I think I just needed to reinforce my quit at that point instead of giving in.

I certainly don't think it will do you any harm doing the both, it's like being on NRT and reading Alan Carr - it's whatever works for you

good luck :)


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