No Smoking Day
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the smoking myths are gone :)

hooray, moving on up :) still feeling very positive, i think the smoking myths are all pretty much dead in my head at last. went for a run this morning and it was every bit as good at setting me up for the day as a cigarette, so i no longer need the weed in the morning :D

this is going to be a tough week at work for me, but i'm not giving in to the fear and lighting up, i'll get through on my own, and if i mess up i'll deal with it, no big problem, no weed required :)

it's so great that there is a great crowd of quitters here on the forum at the moment, reading all your posts is inspiring and really pushes me forwards to where i want to be, so many thanks to all you wonderfull posters, ><5mol<er

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so happy to see that you are doing well!!:D keep strong!! remeber we can handle things without a wont help!! but if you come through the struggle on the winning end you will remain proud and happy with yourself!


Fantastic to hear you sounding so positive, mate. Keep your chin up and keep going!

H xxx


thanks iaq and helen, much appreciated.

well it was a dreadful 24hours, but because i expected it there was no compulsion to smoke, i knew i was feeling bad and i knew why, i even dragged myself out for a run this morning and it worked as usual.

i must admit the thought of a smoke did cross my mind a couple of times, but like i said the myths are dead, none of nicotine's argumants carry any weight any longer, at least as long as i am prepared!

i dare to call myself a non-smoker :)


You Are A NON SMOKER.........

Its Just Great To Be THAT WAY.

With you all the way!!!!



All the things are good but how a chain smoker can get rid of this.


Yeah, non-smokers have gone their whole lives without using a cigarette to deal with things so we shouldn't have to use them to deal with our lives and we have chosen not to now :) Well done for getting this far!


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