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Still here!

And this counting lark gets confusing! 3 Calendar months will be up a week Sunday and I make (I think) this my 11th I guess it all kinda adds up after all!

The not smoking thing seems to have just become life now. No cravings, no real thoughts of smoking; I guess you could say things are back to normal. That's a feeling I'm enjoying very much!

The dark side of my quit is that I've had a bad throat since a few days just before quitting. I've some swollen/scarred gland tissue just above my left tonsil which makes it feel like I've an M&M (a heavy one) stuck in my throat. Several trips to the docs, several runs of antibiotics and it's still there so getting both a little fed up and worried about it now; back off to see what the doc says on Wednesday so I'm not too sure whether or not I'm looking forward to that.

I hope all my fellow quitters are doing fantastically well. I shall be taking a mooch around the forums over the next few days to catch up on things. The last month or so has just been manic!


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Hi Stav

Good to hear that your quit is still going well!

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with your throat but presumably it can't be anything too serious if your doctor has already had a look a few times? Hope you get the right remedy this time anyway.


HIya Stav

3 months? Wow I aspire to that! I admire you so much and what you wrote about not really thinking about smoking anymore, well thats what people like me want to hear.

You are so strong and I hope I can be as strong as you.

Well done!

Lillie x


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