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Day 2 - again!!!


Hiya everyone, I'd smoked for the last 14 years and I'm currently on Day 2 of quitting again. I've tried quite a few times to quit smoking and only ever lasted 3 months maximum. But I've gotta quit this evil habit once and for all. Each autumn/winter time for the last two years I've had awful bronchitis and chesty coughs, I figure this is my body's way of telling me to quit, my lungs have had enough!!! I'm just worried of the damage already done. At the minute I've had a deep chesty cough for about 3 weeks with a lot of green phlegm being brought up. I went to my docs who said my lungs were clear (no infection)...just worried it may be something more serious as surely it should've cleared up by now???? Anyway, it's Day 2 of my quit....tried to keep my mind off it today by taking my 3 year old son to the park....but it's the evenings that are getting to me....aaahhhh so I've signed on to this site again as it really helped last time. Good luck to all you fellow quitters....this is my last quit. I just can't live with these painful, chesty, coughing bouts anymore!

P.S. I've just looked, the last time I tried quitting was November 2009...bloody hell all those fags I've smoked since then...if I remember I had bronchitis then too and was also the reason I tried quitting before. I MUST NOT GIVE IN THIS TIME!!!! FFS I have a son and husband to think about!

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well done lisa and as i sure you no its never to late to quit and health benifits starty within hours of quitting wishing you the best keep it going

Hi Lisa and don't worry, apart from a couple of false starts I had to this quit my last serious quit was about 12 years ago!! The important thing is you are ready to do it now. I too had a terrible winter last year with back to back chest probs, and also my left foot kept going numb, especially when I was having a cig. And yet it still took me nearly a year to try and do anything about it. But the important thing is we are doing it NOW. I have just completed my 1st month and if I can, you can.

One day at a time, remember?

Wishing you all the best,


Thanks for the support guys...sorry about the swearing...don't usually do it, but must be "day 2 obsenities". I'm just annoyed with myself too for not quitting two years ago, but hey ho, I'm quitting now.

Does anyone know how to make it through the hard times...last time I tried to quit (January this year) I was told I had to re-apply for my own job and was made redundant. The day they told me I didn't have a job was the day I started smoking again. Those times really's as if your brain is just waiting for things to go south and says "see you need the fag, so go on and have one, it'll make you feel better". I think that's what gets me in the end. I just so desperately want to stay quit this time.

Congrats for staying quit for a month zoemac XXX

Hey Lisa,

I got made redundant too so I know how it feels, and only got a small amount of redundancy pay, which I blew a lot of on cigarettes:o And smoking doesn't give us our jobs back does it? So now I wish I had quit before cos I really could do with the money I wasted for basic essentials, never mind the 'rewards' that some people are able to give themselves for not smoking.

So give up now before you end up in my state, you will feel so much better.



Sorry for hearing you were made redundant too...seems to be a lot of it going about lately. You are perfectly right...smoking won't give us our jobs back. In fact I just felt like a huge failure even I'd lost my job and couldn't even quit the fags.

You're right, shit happens and smoking just makes you feel worse. It's so expensive too, two packets of fags could buy an nice outfit for my son...I have to think more like that. Just feeling a bit down I guess. Thanks for the reality check. XX

Its funny how our lungs let us know how much they hate having to smoke. why do we do things that make us feel like rubbish. must be an addiction.whats the point in being addicted to such arubbish drug and paying to do it. its taken me 40 yrs to quit and iv wanted to quit since i breaking free and it feels great not anywhere as hard as i was led to beleive. the 10 mins before u quit are the hardest once you jump just keep falling its an amazing journey .we,re here to catch you.


Hey Lisa, well done for starting the quit journey again.

I quit this time because of asthma/breathing issues that scared the willekers out of me. Once I'd been quit a few weeks and things improved, just taking huge deep breaths without hacking my lungs out was an incredible incentive to keep going!

As to keeping on the quit when really bad things happen... well, here's what I think, for what it's worth: when we quit we have to completely readjust our thinking and this can happen quickly or take a long time to achieve, it's different for everyone. We have to stop listening to the inner junkie, start identifying ourselves - really and properly believing in ourselves - as non smokers.

When bad news happens the inner junkie (nicodemon, call it what you will) can be very persuasive. Had I had bad news in the first six months I probably would have caved. Indeed, in the early months I found myself pondering on what might happen that would give me a completely justifiable excuse to smoke. Not exactly hoping that something awful would happen, but kind of fantasising about a situation where I could get away with lighting up, blame free.

However, over the months I've been plugging away at reaffirming my choice not to smoke. And gradually, I'm no longer just saying I don't want to smoke any more, but really meaning it in my heart, if that makes sense. And then a couple of weeks ago something really bad DID happen, and I found (to my considerable surprise) that I just plain didn't want to smoke at all.

So I guess what I'm saying is if you work really hard on that mental readjustment, if you struggle through the bad days and come out stronger, you'll find that even the biggest scariest triggers lose their power.

Sorry. Big long post. But a subject close to my heart at the moment!


Hi Lisa

Go back to your doctors if you're worried, and hopefully they should reassure you.

I'm on day 16, and my horrible hacking smokers cough has gone and I can no longer hear my wheezy, rattling breathing when I exert myself.

So improvements can come fast and you know its the best thing you can do for your health.

I hope your feel better soon


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