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No Smoking Day
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Day 1

Day 1 here and feeling really positive today, already someone offered me a ciggie and it felt great saying no thanks. Yeah the thought crept in my mind but as soon as i went to think i just said stop think of something else. I have alot of these triggers to get through but i will do it.

Am going to clean up all day and entertain the kids this way i wont have to think, well thats the idea lol

I have smoked since i was 14 and now i am 27 thats all of my adult life as a smoker, going to stay positive and strong to get through today and with all the help off this forum as possible.

My other half is in work he doesnt smoke of a day so he is fine now, his triggers will start when he gets home, but like he said lets stop talking about it and do it!

Anyone else on day 1 today need all the help i can and we can help one another thanks everyone

Here we go again

What part do i not understand, they kill us!!!!!!!

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Hi Annie,

You've done it! I think its almost the hardest bit...making that decision!

It looks like you're going to have a very busy day, that should keep you distracted.

Keeps us informed how you're doing (if you want to!)

Again..well done.




I applaude both your you and your OH for taking the first step.

Well Done! you have come to the rite place you are amongst "Friends" and more importantly people who have walked the road you find yourself upon.

Good Luck and stay strong


hi annie :) well i am joining you today on day one,been smoking since i was 12 and im now 44. Ivebeen on champix the last fortnight and have been cleaning like mad since i got up.Cant say its really hit me yet although hubby is going through it with my moods:D Keep telling myself one day at a time.



well done for taking the first step. You will find a lot of support here. Keeping busy is a good idea. :D


good job for making this very wonderful decision to get healthy!! take it a min at a time--whatever it takes in the first days and stay close to this forum..we have all been there and know what you are going thu!

i can tell you that the hard part is the first days--it can be done and it is so worth all the benefits you will get down the line..you have to expirience the pain to get to the joy--remember to keep positive and think about you are helping yourself, your kids and your hubby...take care and best of luck :D


well done for making the best decision of your life. in a few weeks you,ll wonder what you ever saw in smoking and why you didnt do it sooner .the sense of freedom is awesome.

Mash x


@ ludy,

This is a stop smoking forum so no spam please.

Thank you.




This is my first day to and so far its not to bad! Thank god for Champix is all I can say!

Good luck and we WILL do it with the support of others on here! xx


Hi Annie,

I'm also 27 and have been smoking since I was 14. I have had many failed attempts since then but I am now on Champix too and my first full day of not smoking was on Saturday.

I was drinking as well which I found very difficult as I smoked more when drinking. I can honestly say that the main thing that got me through it was texting a friend who stopped smoking a few months ago and asking for some words of support as I was struggling. This really helped me and had I had a phone with access to the internet, I would have come on here instead. I truly think that having support of other people going through or have gone through the same thing as you makes a huge difference - I only wish I had done it the last time time I attempted to stop smoking!!!!

The first day is definitely the hardest but I can promise you that once you get through it, you wake up on the 2nd day so proud of yourself that it makes the 2nd day easier. By the 3rd day you are even happier that you are further away from the nicotine trap. I'm on day 4 and although I'm getting the tiniest twangs, the thought of smoking couldn't be further from appealing!

I've booked myself in to a yoga class tonight which I have never done before as have never been able to afford it. I chose the 'luxery' of smoking over the luxery of relaxing and doing my body some good.

Although the journey is tough, I find that constant positive thinking and being excited about becomming a non smoker really helps.

Good luck and remember to keep coming on here!!!


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