5 weeks odd :)

Five weeks into my quit. and things realy going great :)

I took the time to NOT be concerned about ANYTHING!!

I spend the day (Yesterday) by the pool cooking for my family.

Had a good couple of "Dops" umm err Drinks (Double Brandy and coke)

Even if I say so my self twas an awsome meal.

The menu:

Lamb Knuckle Pojtie , Potatoe and Savoury Dumplings (Pojtiekos = Stew Slow cooked in a Cast iron pot +- 4 to 5 Hours)

Dutch Carrots


Cauliflower and white Sauce

Served with rice.

Will upload more photos to my profile tonight was to tired last night :)

So Monday I am slighlty Sun Burned LOL but relaxed of NOTE!

Stay Strong

3 Replies

  • I love going to SA.. You guys have the best meat down there!

    Everytime I'm there, I have to get my meat fix!

  • Barney

    Next time you gonna come across,let me know and I will arrange to go see a few sites and awsome resturants.

  • Shall do..

    Actually, one of my alltime favourite indian restaurants is in Joburg (Bukhara in Sandton).. Been a couple of years since I was there now, but hoping to get a trip down in January with work.

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