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New problem!

Ok, so into month 2. Good days, bad days. Sticking with it and definitely past the worst.

New problem.

My OH stinks!! Ok, no worse than I ever did, but it is almost unbearable. That sounds really harsh reading it back, but even first thing in the morning, from a distance, I can smell the last cigarette of the evening on his breath. The stale smell on his clothes when he gets in the car next to me is horrible.

I feel really cruel but I do think this could become a problem. I also feel pretty annoyed that he put minimal effort in to his quit and lasted 3 days. He's made no further attempts since. We simply don't mention it, probably as we can both feel the tension.

Aaargh I am becoming one of these self-righteous ex-smokers and I really don't want to!!

This is more a "vent" than anything. I don't think there is actually any solution to this, other than he quits with a big smile on his face, and that is VERY unlikely!!


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Hopefully Jules, as you continue to be a happy non smoker, and smell gorgeous, and get fit and have glowing might just inspire him to have another go at quitting!



I sympathise with you.

I have the same my OH "Gail" is smoking again, but we at a stale mate LOL, she doesnt drink and I dont smoke soooo she puts up with alcohol smell and i put up with cigarette smell, only problem is i only have the occasional drink and when i do its on the weekend LOL.

It does stink!


WEll at least its your other half that stinks. iv been quit now for 16 ish days and my flat stinks and i cant get away from it its only small and it really does stink . iv washed lots of clothes but the smell has got into all of the cupboards and drawers. even my socks smell of smoke . nobody beleives iv quit cos all my clothes stink. the only place that doesnt stink of fags is the freezer in the fridge. if i open a book the smell of fags wafts least with your other half you can blame them. i suppose i'll have to just put up with it . its people not beleiving iv quit that bothers me though.

Mash x


My sympathies, Jules. My husband is rapidly failing - I can smell that he has been having a few sneaky ones. I won't tell him I know, though, because this way, he is smoking less than if it comes out in the open. I've been thinking about setting up some kind of Sheep Dip that he has to walk through as he enters the house, though.

Mash - one of the first things I did when I quit was to get the carpets professionally cleaned. It cost a couple of hundred quid, but it made a huge difference to that residual stink.


Hi Jittery,

I really sympathise (sp) with you regarding OH.... I'm lucky my wife has never smoked and she slowly but surely banished me out of the house and finally into the garden over the many years I have smoked (25yrs)

Even when I smoked (10 days 18hrs & 46mins ago, not like I'm

I hated the smell of stale smoke, my car was the worse place...yuck

After just 2 days of smoking I got in my car and I had left an ashtray inside with a few dimps in and I was nearly sick..... I smelt horrid....digusting..

When I smoked I used to get a whiff of smoke now and again but I can't believe how horrible it really is, or are we just hyper sensitive to the smell ?

I gave my car a proper valet inside and put new smellies in there and obviously binned the filthy ashtray.... so my tip is : valet your hubby and if he still stinks, bin him too...:eek: (just kidding ;))


View from the other side

After +20 years together my OH half stopped 18 months ago. I am sure she felt like you Jittery. Given time I have come to the view that I must stop too. I knew that it must be horrible for her but I believe her greatest concern was not not the way I smelt, but the fact that it will most likely kill me.

It has taken time for me to understand the world from my OH's point of view, but I got there in the end. I am only at the end of my third day but I honestly believe I have started to view smoking in a diifferent light.

If you bear with your OH I think it most probable that they will do the same



I've been thinking about setting up some kind of Sheep Dip that he has to walk through as he enters the house, though.

Sheep dip :) I like that!!

It's bizarre really. Until little over a month ago, I reeked like that for over 20 years. I almost convinced myself that I liked the smell (I used to like smelling tobacco on my fingers when I couldn't get out to smoke a fag. Bleurgh!!)

Quitting smoking has had such an impact on my life. I never thought it would affect so many different aspects. I have new found respect for my body now. My thoughts on alcohol, exercise, eating well have all changed.

I feel a bit annoyed sometimes. It's dominated my life for so long but now that I've seen sense and worked hard at putting things right, it continues to cause me problems :(

Thanks for the support guys. I'm sure I'll either get used to the OH again, or he will see the light soon!!


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