No Smoking Day
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Day 12....umm, don't know what to think


Well, work has going better today and my concentration level is good.

I'm mildly agitated though. Could be because...

a) a friend has p***ed me off or

b) I'm going on a 'date' tonight (whooohoo!!)

... so its annoyance and excitement.

Both these situations would have been accompanied by a cigarette (or 10!). I'd really like one to be honest, but I don't NEED one.

It's a slow process learning to deal with things without rushing for a fag.

I've already had some 'firsts' so this is just more of the same. I CAN handle it!

Thank you for listening and enjoy your Friday


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Hey! Well done getting this far! I'm on day 8 and I'm craving as we speak! But ur right u don't need one and your doing so well!

And good luck on the date! And have fun :)


Hi Lizzie,

Sounds as if you are going strong - 12 days is brilliant so keep going.

I must say when I was around the two week mark I was very agitated and anyone who annoyed me would suffer a backlash but this passes and look on the bright side, if you do get lucky tonight your date will not have to deal with smokey breath and you going outside every 30 minutes. (Thats if he doesnt smoke himself of course)

Just be positive and all will be good.



Aw Lizzie,

What I say is this:- stuff the fags and enjoy the date:D Hope he is good looking:D Enjoy:D And give us all the details tomorrow, gosh I am so nosy:D



Well I'm an old married woman who hasn't had to worry about dates for a quarter of a century. I think if I had to face one now I would be more likely to hit the gin rather than think of smoking!!!

Have a great night, you will be fine, I'm sure.


Thank you everyone. I'm not thinking like a non-smoker am I ?

I think this is the worse day for craving so far!!! But I'm going to do whatever it takes to get through it.

The date does smoke, but thats ok. I have met him before (long story). He is a very 'controlled' smoker (ie. only smokes in the evening) and I think he wants to quit. What he does doesn't worry me.

Ohh, shouldn't be talking about this...what if he joins this forum!!

Cheeky Chels...hope your craving goes away..SOON.

Have a nice evening everyone.

Will report back tomorrow!!!



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