Day 9....already ? whoop whoop !

Well I survived my 8 hours+ return car journey, completley smoke free :)

I can honestly say it was much much easier than I imagined, I did have the odd passing thought that I 'should' have a smoke after stopping for a coffee but I reminded myself 'I don't smoke now..' :p

(driving was always an justification for smoking double my normal intake)

Well it looks like I'd better pack my bags and move into the Week 2 Room :p

I even forgot to take my champix pill yesterday morning.... didn't realise until 8pm in the evening when I normally take the night time one ? Didn't feel different, so I just ignored it so I have a random pill left in the packet :confused:

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  • Go Dragon! :)

  • Well Done Dragon !! :D


  • Doing great, Dragon - well done! I love it that you always sound so positive - but maybe at some point, you should throw in the odd crisis - we don't want everyone to think it's too easy, huh? ;)

  • Well done Dragon:D I have missed out the odd Champix here and there but didn't feel any different. Still taking them though just in case. Congrats for getting into Week 2 whoop whoop:D

    So proud of you.

    Zoe xx

  • Week 2 Dragon!! Fantastic.'ve done it, another hurdle out the way.

    I'm sure I'm a safer driver now I am not smoking...I used to roll fags whilst in control of a car. Pretty stupid (but quite dexterous!)


  • Dragon

    your doing so well . :D

  • Well done Dragon

    You are doing fabulously.

    I do enjoy reading your updates. :D


  • well done dragon day nine!! doing really well:)

    an eight hour drive as well that would my idea of hell:eek:

    but youve ticked another box well done

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