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No Smoking Day
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4 Years Ago

First, I'm a bit early--I quit on October 27, 2007. But, I so rarely think about cigs any more, so I thought I would post about my victory now, because I probably wont think about cigs again for another year or so.

Let me say this for all the quitters. It gets really easy the longer you go. Then, surprisingly, something happens like for me today--I'm moving my mum into assisted living, and she is 84. We were packing boxes and she sat down to rest and said, "This is the first time in 40 years I've felt like a cigarette." I thought for a moment and said, "You know, I would like one too."

We both sat down for a minute and caught our breaths, but that was the end of it. Just a momentary flash. For me, a flash after 4 years. For her, a flash after 40 years (since she quit).

The bottom line is this: quitting cigarettes is like a bad divorce. It is ugly, messy, hateful, hurtful, and takes a while to get over. But, having gone through it all, I'm thankful it's over and I'm done with them. Every now and then there's a pang, like the memory of a long lost lover, but it's gone almost as soon as it arrived.

So, good luck all quitters! I'll post again after year 5--or maybe 6 this next time! I just don't think about them any more, and soon for you new quitters you won't think about them either. It's done one day at a time!

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Congrats, Rob, massive achievement! It's easy now but all of us know it wasn't always, so well done for that!


Great αnαlogy using divorce, Rob....the only thing absent is the pesky divorce lawyers :)

Congrats on your near conclusion of 4th circle round the sun in smoke freedom :cool:


Many congratulations Rob, 4 years is a fantastic achievement!

I hope one day I will be here telling everyone I've been quit for years rather than weeks, well done and thanks for posting, it keeps up the motivation for us in the early stages :)



Thank you Rob. I really like your annalogy. (delib. mispelt!)

Congratulations on 4 years.


Nicely put Rob and congrats on your 4th year quit :)


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