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End of day 11 hmmmm


Hi all,

Well i have now made it 11days smoke free!! Today has been a bit strange I have been fine all day not had many cravings but when I got home my mood changed, everything annoyed me my OH!!! we ended up having words I just seem really moody and cant snap out of it. Im not craving as such i dont even want to smoke a fag although I seem to be addicted to my ECig (think i need to start coming off it this will be like starting again at day 1!) its just my moods are very up and down.

Also need to ask I keep getting small nose bleeds is this connected to not smoking??? mainly in the mornings has started the last few days and its driving me mad!!

Im also still eating like a horse!!!! lol Diet forum next!!!lol

Jo x

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Hi Jo

Dont be too hard on yourself about moods, dont forget us girls have hormones doing their thing on a monthly basis, its not always about the cigs. Im a moody cow smoking or not :D

Nose bleeds, bleeding gums etc I had it all when I quite in February but it all passed after a few weeks.

I recommend the Comedy Channel (as recommened to me yesterday) and a little of what you fancy whether wine or chocs, worry about weight later.

Good luck x

Well done jo :D

its early days . Be proud of yourself making it today 11 ;)

Thanx all,

Yes im now thinking im hormonal and moody!! lol This shall be my reasons for being a moody cow tomorrow too!!! lol:D

Hi Joanna,

I know what you mean about the diet forum being next.....:o

I'm on Day 6 and just haven't stopped eating AT ALL.... toffees, crisp, bon bons, fruitella's by the tonne....:eek:

As for being moody, I really wouldn't worry about that at all..... WHY ??


......Dragon slowly tip toes out the door ....and RUNS LIKE HELL ! lol lol :D


I eat loads anyway but now im craving sweet things choc biscuits everything bad!!! but hey least I can diet after!lol

The main thing is im not smoking even if i get fat and moody and die of depression/being over weight at least it wont be from smoking thats what I say!! lol;):D

Hey! Well done to date!

I think the moods are defo normal, have a bath, read a book, go for a stroll. Chewing gum helps me lol! Keep going it doing great!

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