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Ok, it doesn't take much... :confused: but can someone please clear this up for me?!

I quit 18/9/11 in the evening, so 19/9/11 was day 1 of my quit. I make it so that I quit 4 weeks yesterday but it won't be a calendar month until 19/10/11.

Even then, I am nowhere near 2 months so where do I post?!

I realise it is not the end of the world but I feel a bit of a fraud posting in month 2. Is it because I have completed 2 months, or that I am starting my second month tomorrow?! :confused: I actually feel a bit cheeky posting in month 1 as technically, that won't be until tomorrow. Aaagh my tiny brain..

At the end of the day, I guess the important thing is IT'S STILL A BLOODY LONG TIME WHATEVER!! :cool:

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oldestnewest great post ! (and a good question) :D

to answer your question... I have no bloddy idea ?? :D

But I do AGREE.... wherever you post 'it's a bloddy long time' so WELL DONE YOU !!



JQ tonight at what ever time you quit on the the 18th will be the start of "YOUR" Month 2, Remeber the day's are 24 hours :)

Well done anyway!!!!!


Thanks for that peeps.

I think I may need to go blonde again :rolleyes:

Bring on month 2 in that case!! :)


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