Ok, it doesn't take much... :confused: but can someone please clear this up for me?!

I quit 18/9/11 in the evening, so 19/9/11 was day 1 of my quit. I make it so that I quit 4 weeks yesterday but it won't be a calendar month until 19/10/11.

Even then, I am nowhere near 2 months so where do I post?!

I realise it is not the end of the world but I feel a bit of a fraud posting in month 2. Is it because I have completed 2 months, or that I am starting my second month tomorrow?! :confused: I actually feel a bit cheeky posting in month 1 as technically, that won't be until tomorrow. Aaagh my tiny brain..

At the end of the day, I guess the important thing is IT'S STILL A BLOODY LONG TIME WHATEVER!! :cool:

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  • great post ! (and a good question) :D

    to answer your question... I have no bloddy idea ?? :D

    But I do AGREE.... wherever you post 'it's a bloddy long time' so WELL DONE YOU !!

  • LOL

    JQ tonight at what ever time you quit on the the 18th will be the start of "YOUR" Month 2, Remeber the day's are 24 hours :)

    Well done anyway!!!!!

  • Thanks for that peeps.

    I think I may need to go blonde again :rolleyes:

    Bring on month 2 in that case!! :)

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