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Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Not really sure where to post now. I have just reached 4 weeks but it won't be a month until 19th. There doesn't seem to be a space for me at the minute.

Which is pretty much how I'm feeling in general!!

I am so pleased at how I've done and I 100% do not want to smoke, but I do still feel that there is that something missing.

I had an awful day yesterday. Screamed at everyone. Fell out with the OH, mainly because of my dreadful behaviour. At times I sooo could have joined him at the bottom of the garden with a cigarette but when I watched from the window, it was the LAST thing I really wanted to do. I tried to imagine the feel and the taste and to be honest it made me feel sick.

So why then do I feel like I do?! Grr. If you could bottle up how all of this feels and give every child a small dose right before they reach their teens, smoking would be wiped out in a flash. Who in their right minds would want to endure feeling like this?

Sorry - one big moan today :(

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Don't know if it's related but I am 4Wks today and have had a terrible few days, as my previous posts will highlight!

We've done so well, hopefully this is the last of those "wierd" timing issues we face during a quit. Stay strong, it has to pass and get easier :)



Hi Pip

Yes, I saw your post. Thanks for your reply.

I'm sure it will pass and it makes me feel better knowing that it must be a 4 week thing. Well done to you by the way.

It is just sooo miserable not to be able to do anything about feeling lousy!



Heya JQ

Sorry to hear you feeling soooo down.

It seems like you feel left out when they go down to the bottom of the garden, I am not saying you wanna smoke.

Have you tried something new, that you can through yourself into and do when they go for a smoke?

Stay Strong


I know exactly what you mean, and it would be sooo easy to put that feeling right, but I think we owe it to ourselves to stick this out a little longer and just see if it does go away over the next week or so. I know in general I am a very emotional person and I don't deal well with bereavements of any description whether they are real or smoking related. I am the type of person who rather than living through the loss, I tend to get very upset and just want it all to go away. Other people take the attitude that there is nothing you can do but just get on with it. I do think personality has an effect on quitting, some of us are less able to deal with feelings of loss than others, maybe that's why some people feel it and some don't. I've noticed other people breeze through the 4 Week thing, maybe we are just a little more fragile than most regarding feelings of loss??? Either way, we are stronger than a lot in as much as we are here and doing this, and I really think the finish line is looming now, lets keep on and see how we go :)



Yeah I have a kind of 'yearning' feeling today and feel a bit like smoking:( Maybe it's the Monday blues, or maybe it's Gary Baker making me think of KFC and making me eat too much:D And now I feel like a cig or a Mars Bar. Reckon I'll go with the Mars Bar:D

Keep going everyone,

Zoe xx


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