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day 38


well day 38 of cold turkey, god its been a rollercoaster ride, still get cravings , which result in spells of high energy cant sit still for up to an hour, but not wanting a cigarette just crave nicotine ,thought the worst of it would be over by now, my chest is way better aswell was struggling with breathing when i stopped im like a new man now, and,my energy levels are through the roof , im definately feeling the benefits roll on the end of month 2:)

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Hi Billybob

Well done to you to getting to day 38 and cold turkey as well!

I don't think I could have got to day 6 without the Champix messing with my brain.

It's really good for me to hear that people are getting the benefits of stopping. I need reminders why I'm doing this!


hey lizzie, had tried every possible way to stop smoking previously , to no avail , so cold turkey was the last chance and its worked for me up to now:D

Hi billybob,

So well done for going cold turkey, I would never have had the guts to do that, far too scary:D Day 38 is good, I am only on Day 25, but longest I ever quit since I started.

This forum is so great:D


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