Halfway Through Week 4 :)

So it looks like i am well on the way to Month 2 :)

I must say this week has been a blessing!

I hardly have any major craves (thanks the Lord) BUT man alive am I permenantly hungry! prior to quitting I was a healthy 105kg 6"4 Tall (they do breed us BIG down in south Africa LOL) I am now to scared to get on a scale :(

Splurged on a Polar (all in one NINJA) watch to assist with my jogging routine!

Maybe i should start the routine LMAO every morning when the alarm goes off i find an excuse not to go Running !

Better get my fat ass in gear LOL

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  • Brilliant Gary, you are doing so well!

    I am right there behind you looking forward to month 2 yeay !!


  • Woke up today and have been craving a smoke all morning :(

    Bloody strange how you can go from feeling great, to craving like mad ?

    Yea it's is awsome that my OH "Gail" has quit as well, she has been a solid little trooper @ 11:00am today she will be on day 5.

    I smiled to myself last night when she went back for seconds after dinner, luckily she weigh's 48kg (Next to nothing) I stand corrected but I think she wears a 28 jeans soooo if anyone can afford to but on some weight it's her LOL

    Just had a cup of "rooibos" tea and feel alot better craves gone :)

    Stay Strong

  • Hi Gary,

    Keep up the good work, you are going strong.

    I am on day 34 now and feeling good although I thought I would comment on your last post "Bloody strange how you can go from feeling great, to craving like mad ?"

    I've been feeling the exact same way, I will not think about smoking for a whole day and then suddenly bam, I get one long intense craving to smoke.

    Overall though, I am enjoying this quit, I know I am strong enough.


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