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I Cant Stop Eating!


I am a pi**ed off today im afraid, I was all set to start my diet, full of good intentions, but it would seem I have swapped one addiction for another. EATING.

Seriously I cant stop and unless I take drastic steps Im gonna look like the michelin man! Ive already put on one and a half stone and cant afford to gain anymore.

Gonna have to tell mr charls to get a combination lock for the fridge I think......

Have started hill walking and have an active job but this has made no difference and the weight continues to pile on. How come you dont have to eat loads to gain weight, but its so hard to shift even if you eat nothing but lettuce?! (for me anyway) hehehehe. :rolleyes:

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What sort of things are you eating? If you're craving sweet things could you maybe try eating lots of fruit. Or for savoury cravings maybe nuts or seeds. I know that's not much help when all you really want is to stuff your face with 8 bags of crisps and a twix (or is that just me??)

It is a nightmare how one biscuit makes you put on 4 stone but then it takes 6 months of nothing but cucumber to loose an ounce. :rolleyes:

Boudee is absolutely right!!

My weight settled a little lower than it's peak at around the 5 month mark.

I advise doing something about your weight at around 6 months.

Do not worry too much x x

~Buffy x x

.......I actually hate myself now with all this extra weight, ......

Boudee is absolutely right!!....................

Try and eat sweet fruit and salad like sweet peppers. Not chocolate. A big a*se is one thing but better than smoking I guess :rolleyes:

Stick with it. It will make you "regular".

Trust westy always as regular as cockwork

ooops i mean clockwork :eek:

Yep Boudee,

I am always trim and regular.

Keep giving up and loosing the weight girl. Do you want some weight loss tips!

ooooooooooooo Westy tell you what i can exchange good looking tips for slimming tips


I would love to stay and banter with you West but i must dash,

Let you get on with your internet grooming :D

Will get your number off Pm for the tips

cheers buddy :)

Ok Hun. Keep the diet up because it helps as well. You must have my number from the PM's :D and not a problem. Call me! Thanks for being so understanding. Keep off the chocolate.

Originally Posted by Boudee View Post

.......I actually hate myself now with all this extra weight, ......

Originally Posted by Buffy View Post

Boudee is absolutely right!!....................

Boudee looks mighty fine, trim and curvy. Insults are not for this forum, fine line being trodden here.


i know how you feel i only have to look at food and bam on goes another pound. i am still doing 5 days at the gym 45mins a day 2days weight training and 3 days cross trainer and still i am a fat bastard ive gone from 100kg in june to 108kg but i have been doing a lot of weights so some of that weight i have put on could be muscle build (fingers crossed). i seem to be settling down a bit now as i dont feel the need to eat anything that isnt nailed down, i am not snacking so much. its all about your metabolism slowing down when u stop smoking, i think the only solution is DONT EAT lol.

Boudee looks mighty fine, trim and curvy. Insults are not for this forum, fine line being trodden here.

Is that right Buffy?

Is Libel OK?

I said my bit now i am getting out of your playground.

I said my bit now i am getting out of your playground.

I did not start it! I will not be bullied.

You bullied :confused:

Using libel to put people down is not on!

That did upset me.

You bullied :confused:

Using libel to put people down is not on!

That did upset me.

I dont care. PM me

I dont care. PM me

Why? :confused:

Right ok lets clear the air West

it would appear i have upset you and i assume it is regarding what i have said to poppy

You need to understand that she asked me what i thought about you and her being in love and i have had to answer to the best of my ability

i have tried to answer as a general concern regarding stranger danger and the internet, not i must add as a direct attack on you as a person

May i point out this forum is here for a help therapy for those of us that want to give up an addiction please lets try to keep it flowing as good as it always has done for every ones sake

I wish you and poppy well for now and the future but i stick to what i said to poppy as my advice was that of a concerned person to someone who it not internet aware and because my opinion was sought after expressly from poppy

now no more nastiness please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

oh and i am still slim even though i put on weight :p

Thank you for putting your views and opinions on the main thread. I would hope that it serves to say that you are happy to express opinions and views in an open format and the trust that some people give you in PM'ing them will be exposed should you see fit without consultation.

Other opinions, by you, in threads which also have no substance and are totally false I have maintained screenshots of should these not be available whilst I consider my position.

PM's are private.

This however is quite a worrying use of pm'ing.

My fears are that a forums pm is being misused for it's inability to be traced, as AIM or MSN can be traced on the owners computers.

I sincerely hope that no personal details have been transmitted via a forums pm system.

I urge anyone who is asked to disclose personal details over PM not to do so.

~Buffy x x

Jeez I know this was ages and ages ago but what the hell did I miss??

I only wanted weight loss tips!! lol tbn0.google.com/images?q=tb...

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