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Day21 - Really want to smoke !!??

Okay guys, need help to understand what's going on today :mad:

Am craving like I'm back on Day 3 for some reason. The want for a cigarette is bad today. I know I'm a little fed up as this morning I have suddenly put on 4 pounds, which is depressing me a little, but where the hell have these cravings suddenly appeared from??

I changed the location of my patch today, could it be that?? Is it just a Day 21 thing, or has my nicodemon mentally taken advantage of my weight gain :confused:

Aaaarrgh I thought I'd got past all this and I'm quite dissapointed to feel like I'm back at the start again !! Tomorrow is the start of Week 4 for me, I feel like I should be winning this by now not going backwards :(

Help :eek:


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Hi Pip

It has got something to do with the terrible 3's.....3 days 3 weeks 3 months.

Have a read of this and it will become clearer....:D

Keep up the good work it will get easier......



Well done nearly at week 4 :)

You one day behind me sooo my day 21 was yesterday.

I know exactcly where you coming from 21 was a hard one for me too.

I have no idea why? maybe cause it's the last day of the 3rd week.

But use the four d's and work through it like I know you can, and I will see you win week 4 :)

Stay Strong


Hi Pip,

I felt the same as you during day 21 to 23, I still do not know why but I can tell you I am not at day 31 and it just keeps getting better.

Stay strong and keep going - the cravings will pass as they have before.



Thanks all for the speedy replies, I needed a boost this morning!

Glad it's not just me, I think every hurdle becomes personal until you realise it's just part of the process.

Think I need to get some more fight in me for the next few days.

John I have read your link, thanks, I suppose in hindsight I thought the 3 week thing was more propaganda than reality. Perhaps there is more to the

3's than I first realised!

Maybe I need to re-read some of the articles again to remind myself of why I need to be strong. I feel I could so easily relapse today it's a bit scary. Throughout my quit I haven't had cravings as such, just whole days of obsessively thinking about smoking without any respite. I think that's what I find hard is that when it comes I know I'm going to feel like this until bedtime.

I'm going to try really hard to keep myself busy today and try and get my damn brain to stop obsessing over smoking, I really feel like an addict again today!

Sorry for the negative posts, I try to be as positive as I can for myself and others but today is just so out of the blue hard it's really taken me by surprise......thanks again for the support :o



Hi Pip,

I can't relate to the Day 21 thingy cos I am only in Day 18. But you remember what I was like on Day 13, last Thursday, and how you and other members of this forum got me through it.:D

Throughout my quit I haven't had cravings as such, just whole days of obsessively thinking about smoking without any respite.

That is what it was like for me on that day, and it was as if Days 3 and 5 had come back to haunt me, with a mega craving to boot:eek: But you have already come through those days and you are doing so well now. And if today is a bad day you know tomorrow will be easier, we don't usually get two bad days together! So please stay strong and don't smoke, or I will be gutted and throw things:(




I think the important thing for us all to remember is that we are all going to react and feel different on different days, as long as we all share how we feel it should really help to get over the tough moments.

As my previous post I am feeling great at day 31 but I am under no illusions that I still have a battle on my hands.

Pip - If you think about it this is probably the single mot important and BEST decision of our lives so we are bound to think about it on a regualr basis but trust me it will get better each and every day. Bit of a cliche but true (Take one day at a time)

Keep going - Mark


Hey you've done great getting so far. I'm only on day 20 so can't comment on day 21. Yesterday was hard but Sundays always are for me. I agree I hate it when you feel like you're doing fine one day then the next day the craves seem to hit hard. Just hang in there as 21 days is still early days and it can only get easier - this time next week you'll be about to enter month 2 that is something to celebrate. When I've had tough days I've found it helps to take it hour by hour. :D


Just hang on in there Pip - you have done so well to get to this point. Bad days happen. In my experience, they can happen whether there is a three in there or not, and whether there is an obvious trigger or not. I still get them sometimes, but over time, you become much more skilled at sending them on their way, and they become weaker.

You need to build up your repetoire of responses to your craves with things that work for you - things you say to yourself, and things you do for a distraction. There is a part of me that has become some kind of detached, mad scientist - constantly monitoring my quitting progress, noting what helps and what makes things worse, and testing new techniques for overcoming the nicodemon. Ultimately, it's all trial and error, although I think this site is invaluable for learning from others, so yes, go back to that reading - it really does help!

And here's to a better day tomorrow!


I've done homework with daughter, had a rant at my OH (he's so strong with his quit I really hated him today), been speed shopping, chewed gum like my life depended on it, stropped round the kitchen, threw tea on the stove in a temper, done tomorrows lunches with vigour, lastly I stropped onto the sofa with the sweeties I bought..........and finally it has passed, I have peace again.

I am pleased to report that I have done it, I have got through my day from hell and didn't give in, I really could have today guys, my god I really didn't expect that today, it was like being hit by a bullet from nowhere.

Thank you all so much for the support today, it's getting through these horrid days that really counts for me, I seem to go for days like a dream then bang....I get hit by it, and I don't think I could do it without the support I get from here, I hope I can do the same for others when the need arises.

Zoe I did think about you today, and about how bad you were feeling last week. It made me more determined to stick with it, I was imagining what I would feel like trying to tell you all if I'd lost my quit :(

I even feel strong enough tonight to put the sweets away, 3 packets of parma violets later I am all sugared out! Hopefully my control switch is working where's that chocolate cake I bought ???? :D

Thanks again all

Pip x


Im having that terrible threes time myself its just the addict afraid of redundancy. lets face it its had its day. who wants to go back to all that crap.

NEVER GIVE UP A GOOD QUIT, as KIt Kat said in an amazing post somewhere in the bowels of this forum. let the addict go and get addicted to saying NO.



I reached the 3 week mark last week on Champix - and went through 2 days of hell - had really bad cravings - couldn't understand it as it was all going a bit too easily. However - thankfully, it's now back to the odd craving. So it does pass. Just taking it one day at a time - I'm pretty confident I won't smoke today and that is good enough for me - tomorrow is another day, and I will worry about that then. I miss smoking - sort of - but it's like being in an abusive relationship really, where you know that person was so bad for you but some part of you craves him/her....humans are very strange :)


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