No Smoking Day
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I really want to smoke right now!

I just started week 7 yesterday, and like everybody else, I really want one!

Its not a craving or anything.

My problem is I am sick of the constant sickly feeling, constant indigestion even when I've only had a coffee, permanent headache, bloatedness, feeling like there is a permanent coating of phlegm in the back of my throat and constantly having to clear it, nothing tasting right, even water tastes horrible!

When I smoked I didn't have any of this :confused:

Its probably just the nicodemon trying to persuade me that all these horrible things will stop if I start smoking again, but I am getting really fed up with it now:mad:

Does this ever stop, or will it be like this for the rest of my non-smoking life?

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It sounds like you don't really want to smoke, but to no longer have the side-effects if giving up. As has been mentioned many times before, the side-effects will go away in time. Your choice: a few months of your body healing and giving you grief, followed by a healthy life, or go back to smoking and necessarily destroy your health, on the short term and potentially even worse on the long term.

Hang in there. It IS worth the effort!



I'm fed up with it as well. The tiredness, depression, hardly eating because food taste terrible and worst of all the edgy feelings. I didn't get this far to throw in the towel but I'm wondering how much longer it's going to last. I'm taking iron tablets and vit B complex and eating fruit and forcing myself to eat porridge which I hate because I know I need to eat. Bought some Rescue Remedy yesterday. I took it during the menopause and thought if it works for that then it should work for this. I'll take anything that will stop the jitters. I was going to come off the 7mg patches today but I think I should probably keep them going for another week. Looks like this is another of these days when I just have to get through it :-(


I've been on champix since 1st June and things haven't tasted right since I started them, so I'm hoping that things will start getting better once I'm off the champix.

Although you're supposed to take champix for 12 weeks I'm thinking of cutting down to one tab a day after this week then stopping. They make me feel sick in the morning and the one I take at night is just before bed, so I don't see the point in that one, unless it stops me waking in the night and running downstairs for a smoke!


Hang on in there, it really does get better;)

I didn't use Champix so no idea how they make you feel but I got the sickly feeling and headaches plus a few other things I won't mention:eek:

I remember struggling around the 7 week mark but got over it and came out the other side, as I'm sure you will too.

Stay strong and keep on keeping on xx


Pleses stick with it..iv just done 8 week and spent most ov them feeling like crap... But I'm stating to come out of it now... Even tho I'm still tired etc.. And smoking won't help it unless ur prepared to start smoking full time again... As I stupidly had a few puffs.. ( don't even no why i did it) and it didn't make me feel better or out.. Just worse with a horrible taste in my gob and a ulser on mt tongue..


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