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No Smoking Day
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getting to the end of day 2!! woo hoo

Hi all Im at the end of day 2 Feeling very positive and really good im reading Allen Carr's book and \ecig and Quick mist but not really sure I need and NRT But am carrying it around with me!

I usually start a quit on a Monday and Fail by the weekend so this time I have started at the weekend and Work in the morning should be a breeze as my OH has been smoking all weekend and I have not touched 1!! (Feeling very proud of myself!!lol)

This is it guys Will start my workouts tomorrow at home wiv dvd and hope I loose a few pounds too lol

I have felt very happy all weekend (very supprised) but hey im not giving anything up I have escaped the trap!!!! I am a non smoker and very happy!!!

Good luck everyone sorry to go on but on a bit of a high!!!! lol

Jo xx

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Well done on getting through the W/end :)

Tomorrow is gonna be hard but you can do it!

And remember Stay Strong!


Thank you I am staying positive been here loads of times but I know I can do it I have the thought I DONT want to smoke!!

Hopefully that is enough for me to stay quit this time. I will let you know how tomorrow goes!!




hope this time its for keeps.

all the best. Mash


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