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Day 21 Day 1 for Gail

As day 21 draws to an end my thoughts are with my wife, who is on Day 1.

If I could I would trade places with HER,to make things easier I would no hesitation.

BUT I think the suffering and all that goes with the quit is what defines if you will stay quit or not ! ( No pain no gain LOL)

To everyone ESPECIALY my wife this is not easy BUT when you get through the hard times it is worth EVERY minute!!! of pain and suffering

Stay Strong!

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Wishing your wife good luck, I'm sure with you behind her she will be fine. My hubby has got me through some bad days, he said he was so worried about me he almost forgot about his own symptoms and it actually helped him. Nothing better than the kind of support a partner can give, best wishes for you both!



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