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Day fifteen


Well here we are on day fifteen . Feeling good so far . So glad to be in week three hopefully the week will pass quickly and one month will be here soon . The e cig is working well although sometimes i still get the urge to smoke . I guess there are more addictive things in tobacco besides nicotine . Anyways keep well and i'll post again later . Happy days

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well done reaching day 15 :D . You will reach 3 weeks in no time. Just try not to think about it too much. A day at a time...:D

Hi pfaber and well done:D

I am glad to be in Week 3 too, didn't think I would make it after Thursday night, I actually went to the shop and asked for a pack of cigs:o and still came out without them cos the guy in the shop is supportive too:D It was my closest call yet though.

Nearly into Day 16 now yaaay!!

Have a good weekend.


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