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need help and a Kick up the bum!!

Hi all,

Im new here have been reading some posts Well done everyone!!

Well last year I quit for 3 months and was so happy but a year ago today I gave in and tried "Just 1" and steadly got back to 20 per day!! I have had a bad cough since last xmas and I know my health is suffering.Last week I was really poorly with a chest infection but still I smoked!! So I really need some support on quitting please??

I attempt it most days I go to bed every night thinking thats it and when I wake its the first thing I think about!! My OH smokes too but when I quit last year he did with me but only lasted a couple of days I then had the attitude IM NOT SMOKING!! but as I said it only lasted 3 months :(

The morning is the hardest plus alot is bordem for me at work its been really quiet so its my escape to waste a bit of time!! lol and in the evenings I have been smoking 17 yrs now and alot of ppl have died in the last couple of yrs I dont want to leave my daughter (I lost my mum as a child) plus a very good friend a couple of months ago from smoking related cancer at 46. Its all starting to sink in I NEED to stop asap I just need to find the will power!

Thank you for reading good luck everyone!!!

Jo :confused:(


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hi and welcome

as you know from your three month quit u know the benefits health wise and the freedom u get

you have come to the right place for support i never imagined i could be quit for 9 months and be a happy normal person but with the support here i am



You clearly have the desire, and that's a big part of the battle. Plus you have the reasons. Now, you just have to dig deep and face the demons. There are lots of NRT products and stuff that might take the edge off at the beginning, but it all boils down to just tackling the addiction. Just get through the first hour, the first morning, the first day, and keep on trucking. It takes courage, and you do have to dig deep, but it's not impossible.

It can be done, and there are lots of people here who are going through the same thing, it's great to have the support. Plus there are a lot of long term quitters who have stuck around to hold out a hand to people behind them and say hey, keep going, the road gets easier and the view from here is GREAT!

Chuck those disgusting stinky fags in the bin, and take the first steps on the road to a new life. We'll all be here cheering you on!




welcome to the forum. You gonna find a lot of support here. Have a read here. Maybe you want to think of NRT to start with. There are so many different ways , whatever you think best for you.

You can do it and we are here to help :D

Good Luck


This forum has been invaluable to me as I realised my withdrawal feelings were just the same as everyone elses. It really helps to have other peoples perspectives who have been there and know what you are going through. Get all the help you can, be that NRT, reading books, hypnotherapy. It can be done, and it does get easier as each day passes.



Hi Jo,

Good luck with quitting cigarettes. Well done, you've got over the first hurdle of deciding to do it. I'd offer this bit of advice - plan how you're going to do it, go talk to your doctor or a smoking clinic, look into the best way for you, set a date and be determined.

Use this forum, expect it's not going to be a walk in the park - if it was no-one would be smoking. You have to break the physical addiction as well as the pyschological one.

I quit using Champix which worked brilliantly for me - might be something to consider. But if you've done three months you know you can kick it - it's just staying 'kicked'. Write down all the reasons you want to quit - and then balance it with the reasons you want to *keep* smoking. There won't be many in that column.

Good luck and keep posting here.



thank you all

I have made it to the end of day 2!!!! woo hoo Feeling very good and reading my Allen Carr book he really is good!!

I have every NRT going but have been using a Ecig also the nicorette quick mist (that is very good!!) Im going to get through the next few days with the Ecig then cut that out!!

Good luck everyone and thanx again

Jo x


Well done Jo, you're doing fab! xxx


Very Very Well done!!!!!

Day 3 is gonna be a breeze :)

Stay Strong


Very well done Joanna, it does get easier, you will be so glad as the days go on.



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