No Smoking Day
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Have you got a light?

Day 10:

Last night after work I had the incredible urge to smoke, don't know where it came from:confused: I fought that urge, it drained me, but :) I still don't stink like an ashtray.

I have been wondering thou, if someone asked me if I had a light, what would be the best reply?

Answer 1: I don't smoke

Answer 2: I've quit

Answer 3: Only if you give me one of your fags

Answer 4: There's one on the ceiling ;)

Answer 5: Something else

So fellow non-smokers what would the best reply be??

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I'd probably just say "No, sorry".

I may well actually still have one on me, along with a stubbi full of nub ends in my handbag. Guess I should get round to emptying out.

I didn't chuck my lighters away as they may well come in handy one day if the hob ignition stops working.



With your track record with accidents and calamities and wot nots STAY away from the hob!!!



i would say i have quit cause then it puts the seed of thought in there head that maybe one day they will quit and also i am very proud that i have quit so i do like saying i quit just to brag


I'd say yes and its at the end of the tunnel.



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