Have you got a light?

Day 10:

Last night after work I had the incredible urge to smoke, don't know where it came from:confused: I fought that urge, it drained me, but :) I still don't stink like an ashtray.

I have been wondering thou, if someone asked me if I had a light, what would be the best reply?

Answer 1: I don't smoke

Answer 2: I've quit

Answer 3: Only if you give me one of your fags

Answer 4: There's one on the ceiling ;)

Answer 5: Something else

So fellow non-smokers what would the best reply be??

4 Replies

  • I'd probably just say "No, sorry".

    I may well actually still have one on me, along with a stubbi full of nub ends in my handbag. Guess I should get round to emptying out.

    I didn't chuck my lighters away as they may well come in handy one day if the hob ignition stops working.

  • calamityjen13

    With your track record with accidents and calamities and wot nots STAY away from the hob!!!


  • i would say i have quit cause then it puts the seed of thought in there head that maybe one day they will quit and also i am very proud that i have quit so i do like saying i quit just to brag

  • I'd say yes and its at the end of the tunnel.


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