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Champix Day 10


Just thought I'd post this for anyone considering Champix. I'm on day 10 and yes I'm still smoking, but I've halved the amount without really trying.

My quit day is next Monday (which will be day 15 and I've chosen this because I need the routine of my working week). I'm (almost) looking forward to it now and you know what, I think I can do it!!! Oh I HOPE I can do it.

What an achievement it will be.

Ohh, feel like I'm tempting fate/the nicotine monster by saying that....BUT

If I can get this far in 10 days...well, its amazing.

I'm trying not to think of all the difficult times that will surely arise, I'll have to deal with them then.

I've really appreciated the support I've received, you are truly lovely people to care enough to reply. I hope I can return the favour when it all starts next week.

Good luck everyone.


ps. I've smoked approx. 10 - 15 a day (more at weekends) for 30 years

pps. Is it ok to post when still smoking?? Feel I'm not entitled to really!! I WILL be joining you properly next week.

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Hi Elizabeth

Well done on getting this far. Yes, it's OK to post when you're still smoking. You've made the decision to quit and started the oprocess so you'll find lots of support here. It does help.

I quit on Champix and with the help of this forum two years ago.

Main bit of advice with Champix is to let it do it's thing. Don't force yourself to smoke. Sounds odd, but although Champix helps considerably with the reduced craving, you've got to get over that hurdle of breaking the hjabit of putting a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it.

Honestly, you won't be having that 'Oh God, I must have a cigarette NOW' moment as Champix kills that. But you will still have that, 'Oh. it's 12 o'clock and I always have a cigarette with a coffee at 12 o'clock'. Just keep saying no, enjoying each 'first' you pass, eg first drive without a cigarette, first coffee without a cigarette etc etc and the habit goes away.

Good luck, keep posting here and let us know how you get on


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