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Advice on Patches Needed

Day 15, have been using the 25mg 16hr patches. I have an issue mentally that while I am still on patches I am still addicted to nicotine. Hubby quit with Champix and seems to be enjoying lots of benefits I'm not whilst still getting my nicotine fix!

Did everyone else stay on the 25mg for the full 8wks or go down to 15mg sooner?

Is it a wise to try and cut cut down quicker or should I stay the full course on the 25mg just to be safe??

I feel like I'm not a real non-smoker while I'm on patches for some reason!


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u are not smoking so you are a non smoker and which ever way it takes to achieve that it doesnt matter

i know what you mean when i quit alot of people on here were cold turkey and i felt like a cheat and a weak person cause i needed patches but i remember going two days without them just to be like everyone else

NOOOOOOOOO it didnt work i felt awful felt i had taken alot of steps back

at the end of the day you have to do wat is best for u and your quit mine was patches and inhalator [inhalator is brill by the way wish i had used it from the start]

dont feel pressured to stop the patches if u need them u use them aall thats important is you succeed and do it how you want


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