I've just put it away

I smoked the last cigarette and now I feel free. I know that I will never smoke. I have the nicotine pills around just for some days. I will use them just in the case of the emergency. Not for more than a weak and then I will be clean. no pill any more! My golden opportunities passed away for my stupid desire to smoking and false confidence I had.

I lost everything in the rabbit and turtle match and now I know that I can't act as a turtle any more.

I run and a runner hasn't got the time for smoking.

I'm an intelligent runner who correct his way continously.

No time to waste... no junction to hesitate because I see from the above.

Come with me! it is joyful!

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  • Good luck Salvatore, you can do it !!

  • confession

    Just a few minutes ago there was an extraordinary situation. I saw one of my friends. He was in a trip to Egypt this summer. He told me that he has brought me a cigarette and I didn't reject it but I just wanted to try to see how an egyption cigarette can be.

    What a shame and what a stupid decision I made!

    Why should I taste all the smoking tastes????

    Why? What if one day a friend come to me with a cuban cigarette.

    But tonight was different!

    I did it for the sake of my friend

  • Ringraziamento

    Good luck Salvatore, you can do it !!

    Thanks franco! I will do it!

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