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think it's time to try again :)

have been trying on and off for a while and found great help on here but fell off the wagon quite a few months back! i have had several thoughts of today is the day to quit, but then an hour later finding myself at the shop buying a pack of 10 cos i think i will just have these 10 and thats it, rather than 20. but really want to and need to stop!! I have a nasal spray and also 2 patches left over from last attempt, so will use the patches for the first few days then the nasal spray and see how i get on, will need a huge amount of will power too! oh and all the support here at the forum. Am not going to say this is the last time and the quit that will last as that is putting undue pressure on myself i think, but instead just see how i go and go with the flow as they say. will keep posting and replying to other posts to see how everyone is getting on too. I am in reading area and would be good to know if anyone else in the area quitting too?

good luck to me and everyone else :)

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Good luck glass :)


Hi Glass.

To be honest i don't think it's possible to quit unless you really, firmly BELIEVE this is the FINAL quit.

If you don't believe firmly in this you will cave into the junkie-thoughts when they tell you "you won't quit anyway, so just have a cigarette".

best of luck to you :)


Hi Glass. Good luck to you, but I rather agree with Smokecat. My least successful quits in the past have been when I haven't been completely resolved not to smoke in the future. If you leave that door ajar, you are at risk of rushing through it during a crave! Hope it goes well for you, anyway.


Hi Glass

i was in denial for the first 8 weeks of my quit

i then dropped from 21mg patchs to 14mg patch's

and the reality hit ... that i was really saying goodbye to smoking

and i grieved ..

i knew i didnt want to smoke anymore

smoking is nothing ... just hot air

every 20 mins or so .. for the rest of your life

you are committed to servicing your nicotene addiction

but .. my lungs wanted to inhale deeply

my arms wanted to make all the smoking movements

it was strange

i missed smoking so much

but with every expression of grief ... it got easyer

i wrote it down in a jounrnal i could re read my grief

now its fine ... there is life after smoking

best wish's with your quit xx :)


I think it depends on the way your brain works. Some people are made stronger by the thought that they are never going to smoke again. Some people panic at that thought and immediately feel like they are doomed.

I went vegetarian 7 years ago, but I've never said to myself that I would never eat meat again. Apart from very rarely caving in to a jelly sweet / marshmallow (why do they have to contain gelatine :confused:), I've stuck with it. I'm using the same principal for not smoking.

Maybe it depends on whether you perceive smoking as more of a 'pleasure' or a 'crutch'?

Anyway, good luck with your quit Glass x


I know it's all different from person to person, but after a few failed attempts at quitting, I can say for sure that if you don't take the quit seriously you are very likely to fail. Of course you can take your quit seriously in many ways, but making the decision that THIS is your final quit is a good start.

Sometimes what has kept me not smoking during this quit has been the thought of how dissapointed I would be in myself if I did smoke. I know I risk feeling awfull about myself, but sometimes you gotta take a risk to succeed.


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