Day 20

So close to completing week 3! So far the experience has been very strange due to the lack of cravings and even thoughts about smoking. The only time I ever really think about it is when on here; that doesn't trigger any form of desire.

My iffy throat seems a little better today which is a relief; hopefully that'll save me the hassle of a Docs visit next week....I HATE visiting the doctors.

Hope everybody else is doing's nearly the WEEKEND :D


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  • Hi Mart,

    Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and well done on day 20.

    Have a great weekend.

    I will be on holiday after tomorrow for 2 weeks so may not be on the forum. I shall not be tempted as I will be with my parents neither of whom smoke and have no idea that I and my OH have stopped so that will be a lovely surprise for them tomorrow.

    Fun game will be how long will it take them before they notice :D:D


  • Two weeks break sounds like the way forward!

    I guess there's a possibility they know but I think I've managed to hide the fact that I was a smoker from my parents and sister....same goes for the out-laws. Becoming a pain now as I keep nearly starting conversations with 'since I stopped'.....

    Have a cracking break.

  • You're doing well! I misread last thread duh. Well done, no terrible threes for you then! Keep it up :)

  • Glad to see you're doing well buddy! I barely think about them either, unless I see someone else doing it.

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