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Holiday over and not so blue!


Hello all

Hope this thread finds you well?

Well, I'm back from my holidays and managed not to smoke! I was really nervous about going, as I used to smoke loads when I was away. We all know I guess those lazy days on the beach or having a beer with cig in hand. I just kept thinking, No! I've come too far.

A couple of mad things that did happen, that did test me and I bet some of you will laugh at these are as follows:

1. I got really angry at being held up to go to our resort from the airport by people smoking before they got on the transfer coach! (How times have changed)

2. I actually found a pack of cigarettes, I went to put as I thought an empty pack in the bin and realised it was a full pack (that's the first time I've been that close to a cigarette in months) I opened it, saw them and then binned them straight away!

Apart from an horrific transfer, that was pretty much the only time on my hols that I could have smoked!

Anyway, take care all

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Hi Shaun

Your post did make me chuckle a bit and i too am completely different when it comes to smokers and there disgusting habit and i know i too was one of those dying breed. I hate the smell, the fact they flick there ash just about anywhere along with the cig butts too, the yellowing fingers, stained teeth infact the overall habit makes me feel really ill but also kinda sad for all those who still do and i wonder if they truely do like smoking as they say or have they realised its an addiction.

Anyhow, glad you did not cave in on holiday also glad you had a good time. Nice to see you back again my friend.

Take care

Well done Shaun for resisting :D

The more situations you have to go through where you once had to have a ciggie and don't proves your resolve...... and it also gets a lot easier with time.

I've now been in many situations where once i a needed a ciggie only to find myself not even thinking about a cigarette!.

Keep it up, stay strong ;)

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