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week 4 today, it is getting easier i have moments where i think oooh i could just have a cig but when i atcually think about it i dont really want one, cravings are no where near what they were :) i even still have a packet of cigs in the house, been there since day 1 for me its been more about choosing not to smoke rather than not allowing myself if that makes sense? working so far, still watching myself it would still be easy to slip back into it, my longest quit in 10 years though :D

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My wife took the same approach as yourself; I think she stopped 5 years ago now. To this day she still has a packet stashed away somewhere. It's hidden....had to be with me aroudn :P

Contratulations on the big 4 weeks though!


Hi Twinkles,

Same here I still have a packet but its been five weeks 1 day today,I`m doing it for myself and knowing that they are there was comfort,I am now thinking about binning them ,now I have come this far !! Still think about smoking but that just a thought am not going to give in.



I still have a full pack and an open one with just a few left in my kitchen cupboard, "in case of emergency".

My philosophy was that I'm going to have to deal with the fact that cigarettes are still available anyway, and that I'm going to be confronted with many other trying situations, so why not face reality up close?

Also, my girlfriend regularly smokes at my place. I decided I didn't want to change anything in my life except the fact that I no longer smoke.

I know this approach might not work for everyone, but 9 months on, I am very happy with those decisions.

I don't smoke, but the world around me continues the same as before.



well done twinkles on your 4 weeks :) your willpower is great! as much as i dont want a cig...if i had some in the would just be too tempting. Think its the years of routine im still getting out my system. So i know it would be a no no for me..But works for lots of people. I know someone who kept a half pack in her car...for a good while ....she quit sucessfully.

you should feel very proud. :)


I started off the same way but I through them away after a couple of weeks. I hope that your quit has lasted :)


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