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10 Weeks!!!

Well here I am at 10 weeks, still going strong and not believing how quickly these weeks have past. Very rarely think of smoking now, just the odd fleeing thought then it's gone as quickly as it came. Going abroad for my first holiday as a non smoker and I'm praying for the strength to stay quit.

Good luck to you all, and hello to all my buddies in Class of June 2011 who I'm watching out for :)

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Hi Blondie,

10 weeks is great, congratz!!!

I'll get that achievement on Sunday :)

Hope everyone else form our class is doing good ;)


Well done Blondie have a great holiday:)


well done blondie, keep on posting, we need that light shining on ahead of us, all the way to the penthouse, hope there's room there for all of us!


Well Done!!!!!

You'll soon be in Months 4&5.........Woosh!!!!

Time Really Does Fly.

Have A Great Holiday Blondie.



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