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wheres the last 8 months gone


I havent posted since i quit but thought today 8 months wow!!! These are some changes iv noticed.

I have lost nearly 4 stone, I used to think fags stopped me getting any bigger, and that if i did stop i would get even heavier (I was 18.7 when i quit, i was 20.3 stone on march 1st and morbidly obese apparently, now 16.8 with stretchies :eek:). smoking makes it harder to do any exercise for a long enough period of time for it to be of any benefit without having to keep stopping cos u feel like ur chest is going to explode.

I used to hate seeing the price of fags go up - now i love it and 'will' them to have gone up every time im in a shop.

Its fascinating if you take notice of a smoker to see just how much control it has over their lives when all u wanna do is give them a shake and / or slap even if they are complete strangers :)

I know its so easy to relapse but I dont think i will, I couldnt afford to buy them now, most days i dont even remember the last time i thought about them...

Anyway good luk every one, 1 day at a time!

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