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Day 7 - Can't concentrate

Here I am on day 7. I'm having almost no cravings. But most of the day I feel that something is missing. Also irritated, I'm already a short-fused type of person, and quitting pushed me over the edge yesterday. I yelled at a clerk for no "real" reason. :(

The real problem for me is that I need a lot of focus on my job (I'm a pilot). And it's been very hard to stay focused. I couldn't take any drugs to help me (heard Zyban could help).

How long this difficulty to concentrate will last?


Is it normal to cough some black stuff?

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hey there! you are doing great. i hit day 8 today and feeling good. sure we would love to have a smoke but rememebr it will kill us eventually. not sure about you but for me i hated all the coughing and constantly being out of breath. i think the black mucus you are coughing up is a good sign that all the crap is coming out of your lungs. this is a good sign that the healing process has begun. i know this second week is the hardest because reality is setting in that we are no longer smokers. the first week we are so excited becasue we've done it, now it will start to hit us but remember this will pass. keep busy, rest when needed and drink alot of water. never give in to the cravings, they are brief and will pass....keep up the good work, i'm proud of you too!!!!!



The lack of concentration will only last a few days i promise. I had exactly the same thing and also a bit of day dreaming where i thought i was losing time.

Stick with it it gets so much easier.

Your brain is trying to trick you dont let it win!!!!

Good luck


into my 7th week, 20 a day to cold turkey


I am also into day 7 and I agree that its too difficult to concentrate... Going short-tempered too.


Plagiarising my own answer from a previous thread :D

Well done on reaching day 7!

These kinds of symptoms are typical when giving up. If you think about it, your body is adjusting to a completely new way of life and trying to adapt to this situation. How long it lasts varies from person to person, but one thing is for sure; if you have any doubts whatsoever about the state of you health, please consult a GP.



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