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Going strong still

Hi all its been a while,

Iv reached the 4 month mark and what can i say.

Its been a rollercoaster of good days and bad days. My emotions have been tested to the limit but I feel FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont get me wrong, iv just been camper with a freind who is a heavy smoker and at times i got the urges, but i coped.

I still find it hard to relax, because it feels like something is missing but hopefully in time that will get less and less. Its truly amazing that i have managed to quit, and people around me are amazed too. Nobody believed i could do it....well i showed them lol!!:D

I hope your quits are going well.

Take Care

JO xxx


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Jo, that's fantastic news! You should be so proud. Huge congratulations to you.

I know what you mean about still feeling things aren't quite right, but over time it keeps getting better. And at this stage, even when you're having a bad day it's easier to cope with. You know you've had worse days and survived, and you know that tomorrow will probably be better, so it's that much easier to keep on trucking.

Isn't the freedom fantastic? No matter how bad the bad days are, nothing could be worse than chaining yourself to those bloody cancer sticks again.

Really, really pleased for you. Roll on the next milestone! :D

H x


Nobody believed i could do it....well i showed them lol!!:D


well done jingle jo

it is an amazing feeling freedom love it

the quote above is so true for me to i was a very dependant smoker and an awful lot of people didnt think i would stick it out and i have and showed them too lol


una u are doing brill today is your 3 month anniversery always tough around the three's it will just get better and better now


H and Boo, thanks and yes freedom is amazing :D

Una you are doing amazing and remember every milestone passed makes you stronger and the bad times become lesser. Well done and as i say to my 5 yr old 'give yourself a pat on the back' hahaha:o

Seriously thanks to you all, this forum played a huge part in my quit journey and i hope that i can return that motivation to others.

Take care, well done and good luck to all xxxxxxxxx:p


Well done Jo for not giving into the craves, stay on your guard and keep strong.

Una you've got this far and in doing so are far stronger than you give yourself credit for, well done and keeping going


congrats jo!! you are doing so well!! the more time you have away from it the better and easier it gets!! so keep pressing on!!:D

we have all impressed ourselves im sure..7 months and i still cant believe it! all the best and everyone keep doing what your doing cuz its working!


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