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Day 4 and Dealing with Family, too?

Woke up this morning to a ridiculous email from my brother, who has resentment right now towards me. I was quite surprised/pleased to see that I really just didn't need to smoke because of it. I replied, liked my cool, calm, collected reply, and I kicked into some action here that I totally need to do and should settle his resentment down.

Now....the dust is settling.....and man, I so want to give up on this! I want nothing more than to go get a pack.

I'm having a hard time thinking of the good stuff.

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I know. Everything in your psyche is so conditioned to smoking in every single situation, happy, sad, stressful, hungry, irritated, bored, pleased with yourself... whatever. Smoking is what you have always done and it feels like smoking is just who you are. Sometimes fighting through those triggers seems so constant that it feels like more trouble than it's worth.

Thing to remember though, is it's NOT more trouble than it's worth. The effort of doing this is totally worth it.

Rationally speaking, smoking doesn't fix any of life's problems and irritations. Much of the stress and aggravation is actually caused by the need to get your next fix of nicotene, and things don't seem half so stressful when you don't have that constant drive to smoke.

So ... you have to get through the first few weeks of facing down your inner junkie, and telling them no, no matter what they throw at you. It's agonising at times but the pain of change is better than the pain of regret.

I hope I don't sound preachy. I don't intend to be. It's just that I know so exactly how you feel and I really want you to stick with it, because I know that further down the road it really does get so much better.

Hang tough!

H x


well said helen!! we all know how you feel but if you stick with it you will see it gets easier!! we have to learn how to deal with things without smoking if we really wish to quit! we didnt quit thinking that we wouldnt go through stress...right? so we need to re learn how to deal with it.

just hang in there and i promise that months from now you will be saying "wow this is great that i dont feel the need to smoke anymore" im telling ya---this is the best freedom in the world to not need this anymore!

you are strong so believe in yourself and you can do amazing things!! all the best!!


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