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Running the Gauntlet

I go to a meeting on Tuesday nights where quite a few folks gather and smoke a cigarette afterwards outside. I rode my bike to the meeting and realized within seconds afterwards that I would not be able to chat at all. The smoke was too much to handle. I do not wish to become anti-smoker, but I'll have to postpone working on that one for awhile, I see.

Day 3 here is underway. I'm supposedly in the middle of the worst day of withdrawal. The tightness in my chest is a lot better this morning. I already noticed that my bike ride was way easier yesterday, which may be due to sheer need to do physical stuff or more oxygen. I'm enjoying my coffee, and I ignored the warnings to not overdue caffeine. I thoroughly overdid it all last night....from homemade cookies at the meetings to too much coffee before bedtime. Went to sleep fine anyway, and still completely appreciate those homemade cookies....peanut butter, chocolate chip and oatmeal. If I must overdo snacking, let me enjoy the good stuff worth the extra lbs.

Now what? I definitely have to keep busy here. :D

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Hi Ann,

Firstly - great going to get to Day 3 and the biking aswell - whoop!! :-)

I think not stopping for a chat is wise - personally I like the test of standing with a smoker and chatting - see it as getting rid of another trigger - but you of course have to be ready for this and its always a personal choice!

Pleased the tightness is better - this for me is the worst withdrawal part - as it always seems to be there...what helps me is putting a shower head on my chest on massage, deep heat or a good old fashioned water bottle - oh and exercise! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Day 4-7 area!



I'm glad to see that you are doing well! Well done on getting this far, I'm sure you can go a whole lot further :D


well done

well done on day 3!


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