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Day 1 starts tomorrow

Hi, my names Graham and I’ve been smoking for over 20 years (Currently 40ish a day).

I’ve tried to give up smoking lots of times before, but I have zero will power. This time it’s very different. Me and my wife are currently undergoing IVF and I have to be a non-smoker. The IVF clinic will test my carbon monoxide levels in 1 month from now, and if I fail the test, they will not continue with the IVF. They also advised me to go cold turkey as nicotine can damage the sperm.

So, day 1 starts tomorrow. I'm smoking my last cigarette after I’ve posted this message and flushing the rest down the toilet. There’s far too much at stake for failing to be an option. I cannot fail. I will not fail.

Thanks for reading

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Welcome Grags,

There is no better incentive then than the I.V.F. It won't be easy for the first day or 2 but with an important goal like that you just have to do it. We are all aware of the downsides of smoking but you would do well to keep going over these again and again. You will do it, believe me if I can anyone can!

Jill xx


Top 5 reasons

Gotta say thats one of the best reasons for quitting that I have ever heard. With that as one of the motivating factors I'm sure you'll succeed.

Keep strong on day 1 and post here whenever you need support, encouragement, advice or just a chat. The folks here are really a great help. :)


Good Luck

wow good luck mate it will be hard, I am only one day in front of you I will pop back to see how you are doing, try and get Allen Carr's DVD or book if you are going cold turkey I am sure it will help.


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