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Tomorrow I start day 1, so excited!!


Last day at work tomorrow before i start Uni. I esp decided to leave work tomorrow rather than friday as i wanted some days to relax while i go through the bad bit (going cold turkey) and mum will be at work so i havent got to be horrible to anyone :D

Ill probs have my last fag at lunch time, then finish the day out as a non smoker. Its weird because i have had this quit day in mind for about 4 weeks now. I smoked so much on holiday i felt sick and I just couldnt wait until i quit! But i thought no stick to the date. Im glad i have because rather than feeling scared i feel excited! I know what im gonna feel and why but i know its for the best and its what i really want so its not a sacrifice or a hardship if you get me.

I cant wait for my skin to glow

i cant wait to feel that first relaxed breath

I cant wait to wake up that morning and forget i ever used to think about smoking

I cant wait to smell and taste everything

I cant wait to feel my wallet fuller

I cant wait for my hair to look and feel thicker (no, really!)

I cant wait to not have those black shadows leaning over me!

Common day 1'er (and any other dayers) lets get excited for our lives to start a fresh! xxxx

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Best of luck to u! Soo brave going CT! With support from here you WILL do it! X

cold turkey is ok, I find them dark moments quite motivating once i get past them! I will be here a lot lol so thank you i will greatly appreciate it xx

come on Nikki, make this the one that sticks. You have been through so much this year alone, you have the strength xxx

And i haven started! 2 hours in now lol Cant believe how much im craving already its such a silly thing to keep ourselfs in this state all the time! Constant state of being uncomfortable!

So i have 50 mins of work left then ill shoot home and hit my comfy bed where im stay for 3 days and emerge friday a new woman! xxx

Im cracking on dont worry i had enough of flitteribg between the two and i woukd rather be a perm non smoker than perm smoker! Thought of that makes my lungs gurt xx

Great to see you back again Nicki...never give up giving up....Good luck and I hope this quit is The One for you :)


Oh its good to see you back and ready to fight and win this battle

just remember to come on here for support and encouragement and keep telling yourself i choose not to smoke today you can beat it


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