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deep pains where ever nicotine patch is applied :(

Hi sorry to keep asking lots of questions lol but just wondered if its normal to get deep pains wherever i apply the nicotine patch it doesnt matter where i put the patch within a few hours it feels like my bones (on which ever arm/shoulder) are aching and the pains go down my arm and almost feel like pins and needles in my fingers. The best way i can describe it is like iv been when you'v really hurt yourself the day before and the next day your muscles ache and hurt to move???

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Hi i had this problem , i had to change my make of patch from the square ones to the round ones. this did the trick for me. hope this helps


Ive had the ache with the patch, like when i raise my arm its achey! it dosnt happen now..... but the ache was not like you have described hurting to move and pins n needles! dont mean to frighten you but get that checked out asap... let us know how you get on :)



I had that to ,there were 1 or 2 moments where I applied it and then my whole right side of my arm and back (bones 2. like what u described) hurt. I had to remove it becuase I thought i might have a heart attack. When that occurs I found removing it and waiting a couple min then reaply somewhere else.


trouble is though..some patches wont reapply elsewhere, you remove it and thats that..unless you tape it on!..depends on the make! ..just thought to say :)


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