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in the process of quitting!

Hi Folks, just stumbled across this website and everyone seems real nice and helpful.

Just wondering really. I only started CHAMPIX last friday (only been taking it three days). I was told by the H2Q nurse normally people realise after about 8 days they want (and feel) they are ready to quit.

I have just had a cig and it tasted horrible. i feel I am ready to stop NOW! Im just worried that I havent been on the champix long enough for it to sort of work in my body and mind and that I might have a lapse?

Funny thing is me and the wife decided to go see the nurse about 10 days ago and since we booked the appointment the cigs have been tasting funny, is this in my mind? Now they taste very nasty.

One thing I must say is i have noticed how little I have been smoking since on these champix, and how dizzy i have felt. People have mentioned they are only dizzy for 10 mins or so after there pill but mine has been happening for most of today.

I think deep down I may be ready to stop now but dont want to do it too soon in case bad things start again.

Sorry this has been a long message and hope Im not boring anyone but ANY help or advice would be great!!

Thanks :o)


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Well done you!!!

For deciding to see the nurse. A BIG WELCOME TO YOU!!! Champix for me too. I stopped on the 16th July and so far it hasn't been anywhere as bad as I imagined. I had tough time setting my quit date after starting champix 'cos I was truly scared. There's nothing like a nurse telling you to carry on smoking if you want to when you start champix. The pressure in that second week is immense. I'm ashamed to say that by day 14 I was still smoking, feeling weak and had to go and admit this all to the nurse. She said I might have to come off champix as THEY don't like it if you haven't quit in week 2. I asked "who are THEY?" and she replied "the Practice Manager"--- I thought "what the hell has it got to do with him/her?" --- then I said "oh you mean I'm not ticking your little corporate box" and she said exactly but she would give me some leeway.

I came away defiant, had a cigarrette and then REALLY started to get my mind set to stop. Champix can't do that, you have to do it FOR YOURSELF. Champix is helping me and giving me brilliant dreams [ which at first were a pain but I insist on viewing these positively AND they're NOT REAL]

So --- Day 18 on Champix and I stopped smoking. Day one I got Allen Carr's book "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" out of the library and read in one sitting, unusually for me. I would recommend it. Keep an open mind, get your mind set and off you go--------

Get in there and STOP!!!!

Looking forward to your next post.



Smoking 45 years with no serious attempts to stop before now.



Thanks for replying back to me, your words will not fall on deaf ears!!

A few people have mentioned dreams? I must admit that I havent had any, do you mind me asking what kind of dreams? Like horror dreams? i dont want to go to bed to sleep now LOL


Hey bubble, welcome to the site.

I am no expert on Champix, but I would say if you don't want to smoke, then stop! Everyone responds differently to pharmaceutical treatments, anyway. You have to listen to what your body is telling you.

Champix helps take the physical desire to smoke away but it doesn't do some magic trick on your mind. That's down to you. You have to want to stop, and you have to keep wanting that when you come off the tablets. However you choose to begin your quit, with NRT or champix or CT, at the end of the day it is down to you, making the choice not to feed your addiction, every day. I see no reason why you shouldn't start making that decision now: you clearly want to!

I've also read that the dizziness/sickness is really helped if you take the tablet right in the middle of a meal - ie, eat half your breakfast, have your tablet, eat the rest.

All the best with your quit!

Helen x


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