No Smoking Day
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Made it!

‎644,009 seconds since my last cig!

Day 17 of Champix, a whole week smoke free. This is the longest period I have been without in 19 years, and feeling really good about it. Yesterday day was bad, just by myself, but the odd thing was, at the pub last night, I was sat outside with smokers, and that didn't bother me one jot!?! Plus I could smell the dead dog ends, and it was rather repulsive :)

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Well done Filobeto

Sure feels good to be smoke free eh? You are right about those stinky dog ends aswell smell awful..

Keep it up!!!


Yes YES YES!!!!!!

Good one --- Brilliant. Champix for me too [check out Japanese animated film "Paprika" 2006 --- fantastic watched it all the way through yesterday without a smoke. It has GOT to be a champix dream!! How are yours? ]

3rd day in for me and still STRONG I've STOPPED!!

Stick in there!!!


Well done filobeto, a whole week done! yay :)


dirty dog ends are the worst i heave and am almost sick


Thanks guys, appreciate it!

Also, I've been lucky, with little to no side effects, a bit of grumpiness (not too much new there!) and sleeplessness aside.

I'd have welcomed some odd dreams!



"You can be in my dream if I can be in yours" { Bob Dylan 1963]





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