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Day 3 Very Hard


This is my first post on here and I have just got through three whole days of not smoking. I am so proud of myself but I must admit this evening has been the hardest part up to now.

I thought I would struggle in the morning but it hasn't been to bad and not even putting my patch on as soon as I get up.

My little girl has been great telling me she is so proud of me.

But.... I have had a headache every day and feel like I have a bit of a cold.

Anyone else had this or is it just a coincidence?

Thanks for reading.

Tink x

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Hi Tinkerbelle,

Well done on reaching day 3!

Flu-like symptoms and headaches are very common and may last several weeks. It is because your body is adapting to you not smoking and trying to heal itself...

Hang in there, and welcome to the forum!



Awww Tinkerbelle, I feel for you. It is rough and I always found that the 3's are notorious - 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, but it does get better. You will probably feel all sorts of crap and while it's hard to believe that it's actually a good thing, try and keep that in mind. You are healing :)

Push through and keep busy busy busy.

Good luck


Thanks for the advice. Just got to roll with the punches I guess.

This is the first time I have actually done it properly and not cheated. Only fooling myself.

Just a quick question - do I have to start a new thread for each day or just keep posting on this one.

Thanks again.

Tink x



You should post a new thread in whatever day, week, month you are on at the time when you want post something. The rules are pretty loose, but it doesn't really make sense to post something about your quit in the day 1 section if you are in fact on day 6, for example. Once you get to the weeks and months sections, you can choose to either create new posts or add to your existing posts while you're quitting for that period.

Of course, you can also post replies in any section of the forum, regardless of your quit section.



LOL not sure about the posting, I'm new here too.

I know that it's something we all know and you might have heard this a million times before but getting out and going for a walk or finding something different than usual to do really does help. Your brain is what you really have to fight with and keeping it occupied is magic. The physical affects...they ain't so bad when you think about it. It gives you a reason to be miserable about not smoking...don't let it be a reason to start again.

I went a bought a ridiculously huge and fiddly painting by numbers set from Hobbycraft today. It has kept me busy for hours and as I don't associate smoking with painting by numbers (who would! lol) I didn't think about smoking once.



Hi Tinkerbelle,

Welcome to the site and well done for quitting (and not cheating!). The first few days are reallly rough; nicotene withdrawal can cause all sorts of flu-like symptoms and a bunch of other fun stuff. The good news is the physical problems do iron themselves out within a couple of weeks. And hey, I know this is stating the obvious, but however bad it is it's not going to be as bad as the illnesses you can give yourself if you carry on smoking!

Keep in mind though, 99% of a quit is retraining your brain not to expect a smoke in all sorts of different situations. Even when the nicotene is long gone you can have bad days, when you encounter triggers where you would normally have smoked. But as nik says, keep yourself busy. Read and educate yourself about quitting. Keep posting here, the support really helps. And congratulate yourself for every day you get through, because you should be really proud.

All the best,

Helen x


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