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hey im still here on day 15 (give or take 15 mins)

Hey Guys,

I havent posted in a while but i am still clean on day 15 :D

Things are looking up as the craves are begining to die down now.

I am finding exersise a lot easier too which is giving me more determination to stay quit.

well thats about it i am just happy to be smoke free and enjoying the world without a fog in front of my eyes ;)


Cold Turkey smoked 20 a day for 10 years

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Hi john, glad to hear your still quit, well done on your day 15 :)


Well done John - Keep on keeping on :)


Well done you and I know from all the posts and threads on here that exercise realy helps, not that I did much but I thought about it alot when I first quit didnt I K, in fact me and K were obsessed with it and now I wished I had done more and eaten less LOL


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