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Reposted in the CORRECT month lol- Plonker!

Even after 14 weeks being smoke free i do still have times of wobbles or hiccups. I used to come one here and feel very welcome to get tips, share advice and read about peoples achievements.

Unfortunatley i wont be doing that anymore :( as there is a member now that i think will be the death of this forum.

I understand we all have times when we are angry and maybe come on here to have a rant about something but to come here JUST to be rude, aggressive and bloody useless as far as supporting others.

I think it has gone too far now. And until this stupid (YES i called you stupid for real this time), immature person has been excluded i think i'll find myself a different support network.

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Hi Karen

You prob dont know me but I been a member for a long time. There have been rude members on and off since way back just put them on ignore chick. Just dont let theses kind of people win they will get bored soon Im sure, You post for support all you like just blank the not so nice peeps:D. Also very well done on your 14 weeks smoke free Hope you feel very proud of yourself:cool:.xxxxxx


Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear someone's been bugging you. Not sure if you know this but there is an ignore facility. (information copied from help pages below).

Don't be driven away by this. As Linda says, things like this crop up from time to time, and then they die down again - it won't be the death of the forum. There are bound to be clashes, especially when people can't communicate face to face. But there are very few genuine 'trolls' on the site, most people here are very supportive and here for the right reasons. So stick around. And glad to hear your quit is going so well :)

Hel xx

Can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'. There are several ways to do this:

Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, click on their name and choose: User List, Add to Ignore List

What if I see something offensive?

You will find 'Report' links in many places throughout the board. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal.



Not been around much recently but just wanted to agree with the two very wise ladies above. These things happen every now and again and you just have to ignore them. What you should not do is let them win by driving you away, this site is for you and everyone who truly wants to quit and not just cause trouble.

Hope you stay, the more sensible people we have around here the better.


Well I've just popped in and removed a couple of posts that have clearly upset a few people.

I would like to remind everyone that if someone is annoying you then the Ignore list is a way to filter out what they are saying.

As a forum with many members people will have different attitudes, backgrounds and views on what is acceptable. We try to accommodate the majority while still looking out for the minority, but if someone is over stepping the mark we will and do take action.

If you see something that you view as inappropriate or upsetting then please report it and the moderating team will take a look. I can't guarantee that we will remove it but we will certainly review it and make a decision.


Hi Karen, please try to bear with the site it has so many amazing members who really will make a difference to your quit, if every time we had a bad thread one person left there probably wouldn't be any of us left , like others have said the forum goes in circles and 99% of the time its brilliant and every now and then it throws a curved ball, but even the ones that throw it can turn out to be great supporters, every one deals with the start of there quit in a different way and we all have to realise that although there way may not be ours its a freedom of expression on here that really helps us quit, some though go over the top but the Mods will deal with it if it upsets anyone, and like others have said there is the ignore button, comes in very useful I am told, luckily I have never had to use it but its still there if needed.

Well done in your quit you are doing good..


I know what you are talking about.

Those members irritate me too! :mad:


sorry that you are having trouble with some member but i think that the majority of the people on this forum are great!! you included!!so ignore the nasty people and just stay with the people that help you through your quit:D


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