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Quit Counters

Hi All

I just wanted to mention "Quit Counters" to all the new folks on here, it was a real help to me so thought I would pass it on. The website is xarka.com/freeware and it takes only a few minutes to download then you put your statistics in on the "Me" section. Every day when you turn on your computer the counter is there telling you how you are doing, its really clever and rolls the hours,minutes,seconds you have quit, the number of days you have quit and the money you have saved.

My counter has just told me that I have saved £1725.28, (I rolled my own which worked out at £2.26 for 20 in 2009, imagine if I had bought ready made how much I would have saved ). I have quit for 611 days so many hours and minutes, I would have smoked a whopping 15300cigarettes imagine all those dog ends in a giant ashtray, what a yucky horrid thought. eek:.

Thought it might help some of you through the tough few weeks/months ahead.

Keep going it really is worthwhile.


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Thanks for that info deerizla... i forgot the website..think ill be doing that right now! :) How amazing how much you have saved! haha brilliant :)


Quit time: 1y 8m 3w 3d 20h 51m 14s.........amount saved: £3290.92 ...............not smoked: 10125..........life saved: 5w 3h 45m :)


hi ive quit for - 1 month, 1 day, 23 hours, 47 mins and 17 secs.

Not smoked 480 death sticks. Saved £146.07 and saved 1 day, 15 hours and 59 mins, which i can spend with my familyxxx :D:D


I find it really helpful to look at the counter whenever I have a wobbly moment - and realise that it wouldn't be just one cigarette but 970 (since I quit - disgusting amount to think about!). I've also got a similar app on my I-pod (MLC) which gives a scary picture every day and also tells me how many smoking-related deaths have occurred since I quit - 307,000!!!!!!

Also I keep hoping they'll put the price of fags up so I can save even more!

One month, two days, 13 hours, 3 minutes and 2 seconds. 976 cigarettes not smoked, saving £341.71. Life saved: 3 days, 9 hours, 20 minutes.


I have a gadget on my Vista sidebar....since my computer is where I spend a large bulk of time it has really helped me.

Non smoker for 302 days, 20 hours, 59 minutes

Not smoked 12,115 cigarettes

Saved $6,057 (what I needed to get my eyes fixed so that is my next step)

Doesn't give me the life saved though but I feel better every day :D


Its great to read how well you are all doing according to various quit counters you all have, or apps or gizmos..... whatever works for you to help, support and remind us constantly that we cant be complacent in the battle against nicotine.

Whatever works for you personally as support is great, let me know what keeps you going.



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