Back here again! Quit in January,started again though, now on day 14 of another go!!!

Hi all,

I was a member on here back in January this year. However after 22 days smoke free back then i failed and lit up again!! I was on a day out with a few mates and they all smoked, i felt like i was the odd one out so decided to have just one. After having that one i must of smoked every hour after that all day and i was back to how i used to be straight away. For a few days i felt really bad and that i had let my inner circle of friends and family down. That soon disapered though and i was enjoying smoking again as soon as i woke and just before bedtime. Within a few days i was back on 20 a day. Now i am making another attempt!! I am on day 14 today so i am really happy with that but my god its hard. Even today i have already had at least 4 really big cravings. I am using Niquitin minis again and they are working. I am sure i am not alone on here at making ANOTHER attempt at quiting but i must say this time i am more determined.

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  • How do i change my old quit date to my new one 20th June???

    Can this be changed????

  • well done for coming back

    there is never just one cigarette is there no matter how in control u feel u are?

    u sound very determined and strong

    to change signiture go to your profile then click on quick links and edit signiture is near the bottom

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