No Smoking Day
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Well got back off holiday on Monday and back to work on Tuesday. How did it go? absolutely fabulous had a great time, did I miss or want a cig, no I didn't even in 40deg heat.

Travelled to the airport no stops for a cig (my car so no smoking) went in the airport blowing a gale outside, my hubbie and sister in law outside smoking while I went in with us 4 non smokers :D yes me a non smoker. Went over 4 hours on the plane great!!! got outside the airport and the first thing they do is light up, it looks so sad now but that was me 5 months ago:eek:

On 2 hour transfer then hotel, and guess what you can only smoke outside the hotel, so even in Turkey you can't smoke in the big hotels:rolleyes:

So I think I have cracked this, I am still on my guard but I sat with smokers outside all holiday, and I didn't want one.

Another plus I could stay in the restaurant in the air con while others were itching to go outside to get their fix.

I love being a non smoker yes me after 35 years of smoking, it proves if I can do it any one can REALLY!!!!!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL.

Maria. x x;)

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I am so pleased for you, absolutely well done xxxxx


Thank you Una and Tracey.



Tracey have you heard off Diving dale not seen anything from her lately?



You were with me from Day 1 Maria.

May I congratulate you on your magnificent quit.

5 months in a few days I believe.

Isnt it great to be a NON SMOKER.

Kindest Regards



:)Well done Maria! Hope all the FAB FEBBERS are still quit!


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