Well got back off holiday on Monday and back to work on Tuesday. How did it go? absolutely fabulous had a great time, did I miss or want a cig, no I didn't even in 40deg heat.

Travelled to the airport no stops for a cig (my car so no smoking) went in the airport blowing a gale outside, my hubbie and sister in law outside smoking while I went in with us 4 non smokers :D yes me a non smoker. Went over 4 hours on the plane great!!! got outside the airport and the first thing they do is light up, it looks so sad now but that was me 5 months ago:eek:

On 2 hour transfer then hotel, and guess what you can only smoke outside the hotel, so even in Turkey you can't smoke in the big hotels:rolleyes:

So I think I have cracked this, I am still on my guard but I sat with smokers outside all holiday, and I didn't want one.

Another plus I could stay in the restaurant in the air con while others were itching to go outside to get their fix.

I love being a non smoker yes me after 35 years of smoking, it proves if I can do it any one can REALLY!!!!!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL.

Maria. x x;)

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  • I am so pleased for you, absolutely well done xxxxx

  • Thank you Una and Tracey.


  • Tracey have you heard off Diving dale not seen anything from her lately?


  • You were with me from Day 1 Maria.

    May I congratulate you on your magnificent quit.

    5 months in a few days I believe.

    Isnt it great to be a NON SMOKER.

    Kindest Regards


  • :)Well done Maria! Hope all the FAB FEBBERS are still quit!

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