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Week 2.... Behind Me Now

Well its official and a half hours ago , I ventured into the start of week 3.

Last sunday afternoon was a little bit of a challenge as for some reason I really really and really again wanted a fag.:confused:.

Anyway told myself "you aint having one so grow up and deal with it:eek:". Since then things have settled down again and I am so glad I have made it this far.

Whatever life throws at you a fag is never gonna make anything better , quite the reverse actually. Sleeping is a lot better nowadays too which helps.

Ok sooooooooooo just another 49 weeks , 6 days , 22 hours and 26 minutes and I will be back in my old room in the penthouse:cool:

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I'm sure they are keeping your room clean and tidy, and just think of all that free booze when you get back there. Mind you I'll be there before you and will have drunk it all! Hahahaha :D:D

Seriously, well done to date and I'm certain you'll do it again.



Thanx Dale , Well if you get there before me can have one , you don't want more than that as getting to the penthouse too quick could give you the bends or the narcs.......and they don't have a decompression chamber :eek:

Thanx again feeling very positive about this quit.

Regards Trev


Hmmmm are you a diver perchance? If so do I know you? Small sport and all that!

Going upwards will give me the bends, or are you implying the penthouse is actually down below, in which case, yes, narcs!!!


Used to be a diver Dale but not dived for 10 years now . Last dive was off San Diego on a sunken Canadian destroyer.....viz was crap .:p.

One thing that I did notice during my last quit ....useful as a diver , I could hold my breath for 1 minute and 15 seconds while driving my car:eek: ( dont try this at home folks .... I was irresponsible).



Thanx Craig ....yeah sod em :p lol

Hi again Karri .....thanx , I hope you are getting nearer the big quit day hun x


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